How to Disable WordPress Plugins from MySQL Database (Easiest Way)

Sometimes when you make any change in your site, then you can get some serious problem with your site. Even you can’t login to WP-Admin to fix that problem. For example, during any plugin installation time, you can get stuck or white screen. That means the plugin didn’t installed properly. If you are in this situation, then there are 2 ways you can solve this problem. Either you can Disable WordPress Plugins directly from MySQL Database or from FTP client.

It is normal that you might face this kind of problem during this time. So first, you always should take a backup of your files and database. In this article, we are showing how to Disable WordPress Plugins from Database or FTP client.

How to Disable WordPress Plugins from MySQL Database

Before you start, I highly recommend you to take a backup of your entire Database. Because if you do something wrong, your site may stop working.

Do it carefully, we mentioned below about this entire process.

Step 1, Log into your web hosting cPanel. Go to Database section and go to phpMyAdmin.

Siteground phpMyAdmin


Step 2, Select your Database and browse WP-Options table from that Database.

Step 3, Now find that line active_plugins.


Step 4, Click on the pencil button to edit. After that, you can see an option called “option_value“. On the right side text area, there are few lines that look like “ i:1;s:19:”akismet/akismet.php”, i:4;s:9:”hello.php” and it depends what plugins you have enabled. For example, if you have installed more plugins, there will be more lines like this.

phpMyAdmin option_value

To deactivate all WordPress plugins, simply delete the code and click the Go button to save the change. Remember, it will only disable your plugins. You can activate those plugins from WordPress admin dashboard.


Deactivate WordPress Plugins Using FTP Client

This process is very simple and easy to do. First, you need to login to your FTP Client. When you connected, go to your WordPress directory.

From there go to WP-content> Plugins. Now simply rename the plugin folder i.e “old_plugins”. Click to save to make changes.

renaming wordpress plugins

After this process, your WordPress plugins will be missing. So rename it quickly as it was before “plugins“. Now login to your WordPress dashboard and activate them again(one by one).


Deactivating WordPress Plugins from Database or using FTP client is not a bad idea if you can’t access to your site. Sometimes a plugin can cause this problem. I also faced this issue and fixed it instantly in this way. Besides, many webs hosting customer care also recommended this.

I hope this tutorial helped you to fix your problem and you can access again to your WordPress admin dashboard. If this tutorial doesn’t help you, please let us know and leave a comment.

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