How to Create a Hotel Booking Website (Step by Step Guide)

Do you want to create a hotel booking website like, or Well, it’s very easy than you thought. You probably thought building a hotel booking website is very complicated and expensive – you need to spend a lot of money ($15,000-$60,000) to hire developers and designers or else you need to learn […]

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13 Ways to Fix a Slow WordPress Admin Panel (Permanently)

Is your WordPress admin panel loading so slow? Well, it’s a common issue that many WordPress site owners face. There are several reasons that can cause a slow WordPress admin, for example, resource-heavy plugins, old PHP version, not using a cache plugin, outdated WordPress, poor quality web hosting, and many more. It’s quite annoying when […]

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How to Make Images Load Faster on Your WordPress Site

So you want your images to load faster? Well, I won’t dilly dally. Let’s dive right into the good stuff! There are three ways to make images load faster in WordPress: Resize Compress Lazy load In this post, I’ll explain how each of these techniques works and why they’ll make your site load faster. I’ll […]

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