13 Ways to Fix a Slow WordPress Admin Panel (Permanently)

Is your WordPress admin panel loading so slow? Well, it’s a common issue that many WordPress site owners face. There are several reasons that can cause a slow WordPress admin, for example, resource-heavy plugins, old PHP version, not using a cache plugin, outdated WordPress, poor quality web hosting, and many more. It’s quite annoying when […]

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How to Make Images Load Faster on Your WordPress Site

So you want your images to load faster? Well, I won’t dilly dally. Let’s dive right into the good stuff! There are three ways to make images load faster in WordPress: Resize Compress Lazy load In this post, I’ll explain how each of these techniques works and why they’ll make your site load faster. I’ll […]

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.org vs .com – Which Domain Extension Should You Choose?

After .com, .org is the 2nd most popular domain extension on the internet. However, they are both top-level domains but used for different purposes. If you have planned to start your website, whether business, personal blog, portfolio, nonprofit, etc., you may be wondering which domain extension to choose or if there is any difference between […]

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