How to Embed Google Forms in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how you can embed Google forms on your WordPress site instead of a plugin? Well, it’s totally easy process to add a Google form in a WordPress site and has more functionality than a normal form plugin. If you sell products or service online, then you should take feedback/ suggestion from […]

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7 Best Tips to Optimize Your Website’s Homepage

The home page of a website is a focal point of your website. The search engine optimization and social media marketing may be driving users either to the landing pages or home pages. Whatever page they visit, they still have the home page in mind for finding other resources and segments on your website. The […]

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How to Add Snowfall Effect in WordPress Site

Christmas is coming and maybe you already started wishing to your families, friends, and others. So why not to your blog readers? It’s time to add Snowfall Effect to your WordPress site.  You must notice that many website owners already added snow falling effect on their blog. It looks cool, isn’t it? So if you […]

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How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

In our previous article, I have discussed how to properly install free SSL certificate in WordPress. After installing SSL in your site, your site will be assessable with SSL/HTTPS. Your site will open with HTTPS only when a user opens your site with HTTPS. In most cases, If you only type your site name( only, it […]

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