How to Embed Google Forms in WordPress

Have you ever wondered how you can embed Google forms on your WordPress site instead of a plugin? Well, it’s a totally easy process to add a Google form in a WordPress site and has more functionality than a normal form plugin.

If you sell products or services online, then you should take feedback/suggestions from your customers to improve the quality of your product and adding features. For this, you need a survey form or feedback form. More than that, if you want a signup form or any other invitation form, then you must need a WordPress plugin for that.

But before you install a WordPress form plugin, you should try Google form. Google forms are far better than any other WordPress form plugin. Google forms are easy to use and you can create any type of form without any restrictions.

Why Should You Use Google Forms?

Embed Google Forms

Google form is free web-based software that is offered by Google. Using Google forms, you can easily create online surveys, quizzes, registration form and can embed to your WordPress site and even you can share this with your multiple sites.

Google forms are easy to create and it has many customization options than a WordPress form plugin. Some of the great features of Google forms are:

  • You can create online surveys, registration forms, quizzes, online polls, etc.
  • You can create custom text, paragraph, multiple-choice options, and checkboxes.
  • Using their drag & drop function, you can easily set questions.
  • Many forms of templates available.
  • You can collect emails for newsletter subscribers.
  • You can use their add-ons for more powerful features.
  • And much more.

In this tutorial, I am showing how to Embed Google Forms on your WordPress site. There are two ways you can add Google form to your website:

  • You can directly create a google form and embed to your WordPress site and you don’t need any plugin for that.
  • You can add a google form to your website using a plugin.

How to Embed Google forms in WordPress?

Integrating Google form into WordPress is very easy. If you already have a Gmail account, then you just need to log in and go to Google forms. Google Forms can be helpful for simple forms options, but if you are looking to create more complex forms, that have conditional logic, payment integrations, etc. you can check out this Google Forms alternative.

Google Form Templates

After opening Google forms page, you need to choose a form template from there. There are several types form available e.g. contact form, party invite, event registration, quizzes etc. Those are the common forms that are mostly used. If you want to see more Google forms templates, click on the drop-down arrow button that is shown in that picture.

Now click on any template that you want to use for your form. To create a Google form, first, provide a form title and a description and then start adding form fields. By default, you will see the only name, email and phone number questions field. To add a new question, click on the plus button. There are plenty of form options available.You can also add images and videos to the Google form and can divide the form based on your choice.

Google Forms Edit Form

This form has inbuilt drag and drop feature. If you want to move a question up or down, just drag the question and drop it anywhere in the form. If you want to edit a question, just left click on it and edit.

Changing Google Form Background

Every Google form comes with its default theme and background colour. In case you want to change Google form’s background, then click on the Colour Palette and pick a theme. There are lots of themes available to be used or you can use your own photo. 

Google Forms Change Settings

When you finished form editing, click on the Send button to get the embed code.

After clicking on the send button, a popup box will appear. From there you need to click on embed option and you can edit the form size. By default, the form size is 760 PX/ 500 PX and you can change the form size if you want. Now click on the link to copy the embed code.

Google form embed code

Now you need to login to your WordPress admin dashboard. You can add the Google form anywhere on your website i.e. pages, posts, header and footer. To embed the Google form on your WordPress page, go to Pages> Add new and switch to the text editor. Then simply paste the code there.

add Google Embed form in WordPress

Now click on Publish to save the changes and you can preview the form by clicking on Preview Changes to see Google embed form in WordPress.

Google Form Preview

Now you have successfully embed Google form on your WordPress site.

But the problem with simply embedding code to your WordPress site that Google form comes with its default style theme and it doesn’t suit your WordPress theme. Besides, you can’t customize the form as you want.

So here comes the Google Forms WordPress plugin. Using that plugin, you will be able to customize this form and you can take your Google form to the next level.

So let’s see how to add Google forms to WordPress site using a plugin.

How to Integrate Google form into WordPress Using Plugin

Google Form WordPress Plugin

Google Forms is a very simple WordPress plugin that fetches a published Google forms using a WordPress custom post or shortcode. This plugin first removes the Google rapper HTML and then renders it as HTML form in your page or post. This plugin adds more extra options that are necessary for your form, for example:

  • You can add Google Captcha to your form to prevent spam form submissions
  • You can split form into columns
  • Upon form submission, it will send email to the user
  • You can add custom confirmation page URL
  • You can use custom CSS for the form
  • and much more…

To use this plugin, first download Google Forms WordPress plugin and install it. After activating it, you can see Google Forms option on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Install Google Forms

Then click on Add New Google Form to embed the premade Google form in your WordPress site. If you already created forms, then click on Google forms to see the forms that you have created.

To use this plugin, you need the older version of Google forms. Currently, this plugin doesn’t support the new Google forms. If you are trying to add the new Google forms on your WordPress site, then the form will not work properly.

To use the older version of Google forms, first, select your form and click on the “?” question mark icon and select Back to the Old Forms.

Don’t panic. Your form will remain same, it will just switch to the older version forms. Now you are can add the Google form to your WordPress site.

Google Older Forms

From there, click on the Send Form button like you did same for the newer version of Google forms. After clicking on it, you will get a shareable link but don’t click on embed.

Google Old Form Send

Now simply copy the URL and come back to your WordPress admin dashboard where you left off. Go to Google Forms> Add New Google Form.

WordPress Google Form Settings

In the form URL field, enter your Google form link that you just created using old Google forms. Then click on Publish to save the settings.

Next, you can add optional Confirm URL as well. It can be either a confirmation page or thank you page as you want. By adding a page URL in Confirm URL field, a user will be redirected to that page after successfully filling up this Google form on your site.

For the custom confirmation page style attribute, you can define how the confirmation page will be presented. You can set it to None, Redirect or AJAX. If you set to none, then it wouldn’t redirect you to any page and if you set it to Redirect, then it will redirect you to the Redirect URL page after form submitting.

Publishing Google Forms on Your WordPress Site

Now you have embedded Google form to your WordPress site, now its time to publish it. The good thing about Google forms is that you don’t need to copy the Google form URL, you can directly add Google form to your WordPress site by using shortcodes. Once you have created Google forms and embed it to your WordPress site, go to Google forms from your WordPress dashboard. There you will see how many forms you have created. For example, I have created a Party Invitation Form and I will add it to my site.

Google Form Shortcode

To add a Google form on your WordPress site, copy this shortcode and paste it anywhere on your page or post.

Google form code

Now you can view your page to check how the form looks like. If you forgot to add any question to your Google form or need to modify it, you can do by editing the original Google form. Let’s check out how the form looks like.

Embed Google forms on WordPress

How to View and Manage Google Form Responses

After successfully adding Google form on your WordPress site, you may be wondering how to view form responses. Well, it’s very easy. First, you need to go your Google form that you are currently using on your WordPress site and then click on the form.

If you are using old Google form, then you can see form responses from the top menu bar.

Old Google Form Responses

After going to your form, click on Responses> View Responses to check who have responded to your form. The form response will be shown in Google Spreadsheets. From there, you can see what people responded to your form. Here is an example of a “Party Invitation Form” responses that I used. If you want to download the response sheet, you can download by going File> Download as...

Google Form Response Sheet

In case you want to change form response destination, you can simply change by going Responses> Change Response Destination and create a new Spreadsheets. This is a very useful feature if you want to take surveys or similar each month, you can create new Spreadsheets every month and you will receive responses in separate Spreadsheets.

You can also view Summary of responses by going Responses> Summary of responses. This option will show the stats of your form.

If you no more want to accept form responses, you can turn off the form and it will be invisible to users.


From my personal experience, I can say Google forms is far better than any other WordPress form plugins. Most of WordPress form plugins come with limited features and to extend any function, you need to buy addons pack but you can use those options free with Google form. Furthermore, Google forms aren’t used only for as a contact form but also online surveys form, invitation form, quiz form etc.

It only takes a couple of minutes to embed Google forms in WordPress and you can use it without any limitations.

I hope this tutorial helped you to embed Google forms on your WordPress site. If you are getting any problem with adding Google forms on your WordPress site, please leave a comment below.

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