7 Best Image Optimiztion Plugin for WordPress 2017

No one likes a slow website. If users visit your website and it takes a couple of minutes to load, then they will abandon your site and possibly not to visit back again. You have only 2 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. If your site doesn’t load at that time, they probably leave your site and like to visit another site. If your site ranks on the top 10 on Google, then you possibly lose rank because of slow page speed. However, page ranking doesn’t only depend on only website speed but there are a lot of factors to rank your website. But website speed has a huge impact on your site’s ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Speeding up WordPress site is a very easy process and in this article, I am sharing how to Optimize WordPress images with the Best WordPress Image Compression plugin.

Many beginners use high-quality images on their pages without optimizing them. Many users think by optimizing image the quality decreases and it looks worse than the normal one. But it’s not true. There are several WordPress image optimizer plugin available which compress your images without losing any quality. So, we have tested several WordPress optimization plugins and listed here according to their


7 Best Image Optimizer Plugin for WordPress


#1 WP-Smush

WP smush

When it comes about Image Optimizing, then WP Smush is the best solution. It reduces image file sizes and improve performance . With the help of this plugin, you can set a max width and height of large images, and it will be optimized with just one click.

WP bulk smush

This plugin provides bulk a optimization option, with which you can optimize 50 attachments at a time. But it can smush images up to 32MB. When you upload any images, it automatically optimizes every images. 

WP Smush optimizes images using advanced lossless compression techniques. It can process JPEG, GIF and PNG image files.

To install this plugin you need to get Smush API from here.

The WP Smush plugin is available in both free and premium. In pro version, you will get total solution for image optimization. It does 2x – 10x more compression than lossless with almost no  quality loss. You don’t need to wait anymore for bulk smush, as it starts working with just one click. This plugin comes with Hummingbird pagespeed booster, Uptime monitoring and security hardening.

Key Features:

  • Optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.
  • Automatically convert PNG files to lossy JPEG.
  • WP Smush plugin comes with Hummingbird pagespeed booster, uptime monitoring and security hardening.
  • After loading images, their server do all the heavy lifting, so your site never gets slow.


$49/ month. Start your free trial.


#2 ShortPixel


ShortPixel is one of the Best Image Optimizer Plugin. It comes with a lot of features that helps to optimize your images easily. This plugin has over 20,000 active installations. 

First you need to get an API key from ShortPixel to activate it. After this you can optimize thumbnails as well as featured images. It can compress JPG, PNG, GIF images and also PDF documents. And this plugin suits for both Photography and WooCommerce website. The best thing is there no file size limit, you can upload any sizes of images. So your photography or WooCommerce website images quality stays the same and loads more faster.

You can run ShortPixel plugin on multiple websites with a single API Key. It also works great with NextGEN gallery, Foo Gallery and any other galleries and sliders.

Key Features:

  • It can optimize your images from 250KB to 60KB.
  • You can run ShortPixel plugin on multiple websites with a single API key.
  • No file size limit.
  • It can compress JPG, PNG, GIF and even PDF documents.
  • You can restore original images anytime.


ShortPixel is paid plugin, still you can use it for free.

shortpixel pricing

#3 EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizer

If you need free best Image Optimizer Plugin, then EWWW image optimizer is the best choice. It has over 400,000+ active installs and max rated WordPress plugin. It automatically optimizes your images and even your previous uploaded images. 

By default, EWWW Image Optimizer uses lossless optimization techniques, so your image quality stays same. 

You don’t need any API key or third party service to run this program. Just simply install from WordPress plugin gallery and it will start working. It can save you hundreds of KB per image, with this it also saves your bandwidth. They also provide  EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud. 

Key Features:

  • 100% Free Plugin.
  • You don’t need an API key to run this plugin.
  • You can use this plugin on multiple site.
  • It optimizes your images quickly and make your website more faster.


100% Free. 


#4 Optimus

Optimus image optimizer

Optimus is a image optimizer plugin by KeyCdn. It reduces your image files sizes with no change in image quality. This way your website images load very fast and improves SEO

To use Optimus, you just need to install this plugin. From Tools you can optimize all images from your website. It reduces file size up to 70% and improve performance. 

This plugin has 3 types of pricing plan- Optimus, Optimus HQ and Optimus HQ Pro. Optimus is free plan, so you can use it without any cost. But you can upload maximum 100 KB file size images. Paid plans has no limit.

Key Features:

  • Good for WooCommerce and Photography website.
  • You can use one license for all own sites.
  • It supports WordPress Mobile Apps and Windows Live Writer.


Free |  $19/year.


#5 Imagify Image Optimizer

Imagify Image Optimizer

If you want Best image optimizer plugin , then you must try Imagify Image Optimizer. Imagify uses their most advanced image compression tool, so that your images are optimized very easily.

They use three type of image compression method, i.e- Normal, Aggressive and Ultra. You can use any of them. Choosing the higher level of compression method will give you more better size reduces but picture quality will be somewhat reduced They compress the most common image formats such as: JPG, PNG and GIF. Using free version plugin you can upload maximum 2MB image file. But there is no restriction of using Paid version plugin.

Imagify Settings

Key Features:

  • They use their server to optimize your images, so your site wouldn’t get slow.
  • You can use Imagify on as many sites as you wish.
  • WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery compatible. 


Free | $4.99/month.


#6 Kraken


Kraken is one of the Best image optimizer plugin for WordPress, that suits mainly Photography, WooCommerce or Travel blog website. Kraken allows you to optimize and resize new and existing WordPress image. It can compress JPEG, PNG and animated GIFs. 

To use this plugin, you need Kraken Image Optimizer’s API. You can use your Kraken.io API key on many of your site. You can upload a ZIP archive by dragging it into Web Interface, then Kraken will decompress it and optimize all images found within the archive. Their web Interface PRO with Image Resizing and sync-to-Dropbox.

This plugin is available in both Free and Pro version. Free version comes with few features and maximum file size you can upload is 100 KB. But Pro version allows 32 MB. Pro version includes Full API access, ZIP Uploader, Image Resizing, Kraken Cloud Storage and many more…

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Photography, WooCemmerce or any kind of big website.
  • Maximum file upload size limit is 32 MB.
  • URL Paster, Page Cruncher.
  • Image Resizing and sync-to-Dropbox.


Free | $5/month/ 500 MB.


#7 Imsanity


Imsanity is good WordPress image optimizer plugin. Imsanity is good for any kind of sites. It automatically resizes all huge images and make them small without changing any quality. After installation, you can configure it with a max width, height and quality.

Imsanity also provides a bulk-resize feature so that you can  resize previously uploaded images.

Key Features:

  • Automatically scales large images.
  • It can convert BMP files to JPG.
  • You can manually set it’s max width, height and quality.




Wrapping Up

Everyone love images. Images in content that can be on pages or posts, is always good choice. It helps to understand better for your visitors. When a visitor comes to your website and finds only text and text, then he probably leaves your site. Because your article was helpful, but not well arranged. So if you add images, then the article becomes more attractive to your visitors. We know One picture is worth a thousand words

Adding images to posts always help to understand better and quick. Users can remember for very long time. More than that, this also helps to bring traffic from Google images.

Adding images in the website is good, when it is well optimized. Because if you don’t optimize images, it will slow down your site and increase loading time. Many newbie bloggers don’t optimize their images and their site becomes very slow. This also uses most resources from your hosting. So in this article, I am writing about 7 Best Image Optimizer Plugin for WordPress. So if you don’t know how to optimize images Photoshop, then this plugin will help you to optimize.

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