7 Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress 2019 (Free & Premium)

Google Analytics is a Free web analytics service that tracks and reports about website traffic. It was launched by Google in 2005. Now over 50 million websites use Google Analytics service. According to W3Techs, Google Analytics is being used by 52.9 percent of all websites on the internet. It provides us with the whole graph about our website’s traffic statistics, visitor’s behavior, their actions etc. With this, you can improve your website’s performance, conversion rates, referral source, and many more things. It’s easy to use and many website owners use Google Analytics Plugin to add Google Analytics on their site.

Benefits of Using Google Analytics 

There are many benefits of using Google Analytics. For example, if you have a blog, then you can easily monitor your visitors and track their actions, GEO locations, referrals even your page views, keywords, bounce rates etc. This helps you to improve your article, products, decrease bounce rate, gain more sales.

You can easily know which article or product your audience like most, where are they come from, which keywords they are using to find your site. Besides, it comes more handy and easy to integrate with the website. As you are using WordPress, it’s easy to add Google Analytics using WordPress Google Analytics plugin. So in this article, we wrote about 7 Best Google analytics plugin for WordPress.

7 Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress


#1 Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

GA by MI

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is the most popular Analytics plugin for WordPress. It has over 11 million active installs. This plugin is formerly known as Yoast analytics plugin. 

This analytics plugin allows you to track your website easily and always keeps you up to date with the newest features in Google Analytics. It gives you visitor metric on your WordPress dashboard, so you don’t need to open Google Analytics every time.

This Google Analytics plugin is very simple and user-friendly. So, you don’t need extra skills to set up. There are two ways you can setup this plugin with Google Analytics tracking code. Either you have to link your Google analytics profile or manually enter your UA code.

GA by MI dashboard

MonsterInsights is a freemium plugin. If you have a blog website, then the free plugin is good for you. Besides, with Pro features, you can track popular posts, 404 error pages, custom dimensions,
AdSense tracking, custom reports, and more. Even this plugin can be used for E-commerce for tracking digital Downloads and sales etc.


  • Free and Paid both versions available.
  • This plugin uses the fastest and most reliable tracking code like universal or asynchronous.
  • It gives you very simple traffic graph on your WordPress dashboard which is very easy to understand.
  • You can enable demographics and interest reports.
  • You can track outbound link & downloads tracking.
  • It can track your search result pages and 404 pages.
  • This plugin allows you to track subdomains.
  • E-commerce add-ons available.

Price: $31

Get MonsterInsights Pro


#2 Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify


If you need any Google Analytics plugin for your E-commerce or big website, then this plugin is a good option for you. Analytify comes with the most advanced features and beautiful UI that makes you more comfort to understand.

It presents you the statistics from Google Analytics in a beautiful way on your dashboard, even you can get stats from page/posts directly. This means, if you want to check stats of any single post or page, you can do it under page/post section.

analytify OS statistics

This plugin also a freemium plugin like MonsterInsights. So you need to buy to use the full features. But I can say that this plugin “Analytify” worth of buying. With Pro version plugin, you are allowed to get live stats, extensions, Ajax & JS Error Stats, 404 Page Error Stats etc. 

They also provide shortcodes, with which you can integrate stats in your custom templates. But, you need to pay singly for each addon.


  • Beautiful UI design.
  • Google Analytics Stats under the single posts, pages & Custom Post.
  • It provides you details stats about sessions, users, bounce rate, average time on site, average pages, page views, new/returning visitors.
  • It shows you about user’s system status like which devices, the browser they are using.
  • You can see, How people are finding you.
  • List of top countries, list of top cities, top referrers browsers, top referrers options available.
  • Real-time statistics(Premium).
  • Campaigns Statistics(Premium).
  • Use ShortCodes(Premium).

Price: Free | Premium- $39/year.

Get Analytify


#3 Google Analytics WD

Google Analytics WD

Google Analytics WD allows you to track your website and gives you all details on your WordPress dashboard. Using this plugin like other Google Analytics plugin, you don’t need to add tracking code manually. You just need to authenticate this plugin with Google analytics, and then you can see all traffic details.

You can select any date range and check the traffic within this time. This dashboard displays real-time, audience, visitors, location and browsers reports etc.

This plugin also available in Premium version. So in free version plugin, you get only basic features. But Premium version plugin includes demographics, GEO, traffic source, site speed, E-commerce, AdSense and many more.


  • Track your audience, real-time visitors, page views.
  • It displays traffic information of any website associated with your Google Analytics account.
  • Comparison by Metrics and Date Range in reports.
  • Allows sending scheduled emails for any report.
  • You can choose to exclude Google Analytics tracking of specific roles or users.
  • Exclude site traffic from IP address, country, city or region.
  • You can set custom dimensions.
  • You can easily integrate AdSense and AdWords.

Price: Free | Premium= $30/site.

Get Google Analytics WD


#4 Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics dashboard.1

Google Analytics Dashboard is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. This analytics plugin tracks your site traffic and brings you all data in front of your WordPress dashboard. After login to your WordPress admin dashboard, you can see your site traffic stats. This plugin comes with many advanced features if compared to other paid plugin.

From the dashboard, you can check sessions, users, page views, bounce rate, organic search, page/session etc. By default, Google Analytics dashboard fetches all traffic details from last 30 days, but you can change time from 1 day to last 3 years. It also provides you to track real-time visitors.

Google Analytics dashboard.2

The Google Analytics tracking code is fully customizable through options. The tracking code can be installed using WordPress Google Analytics plugin easily. After install, it will fetch all traffic data to your dashboard.

Although this plugin is free, it works same as any other paid tools. So, having this Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress site gives you extra benefit for your website. 


  • You can track real-time visitors, acquisition channels, and traffic sources details.
  • This Google Analytics plugin gives you sessions, organic searches, page views, bounce rate analytics reports.
  • It reports you about traffic channels, social networks, traffic mediums, search engines analytics reports.
  • It allows you to tracks events like downloads, emails, outbound links, affiliate links etc.
  • From plugin dashboard, you can use custom dimensions to track: authors, publication year, categories, tags etc.
  • This plugin is fully compatible with multisite network installs.
  • and many more…

Price: Free.



#5 Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is another free Google analytics plugin for WordPress. Google Analyticator is a very simple plugin and easy to use. This plugin basically adds several widgets to your admin area for displaying Analytics data of your site. It displays a graph of the last 30 days of visitors, a summary of site usage, page views, page/post referrers, searches etc.

With page stats, you are able to track all links on the page, events, download links etc. 

Google Analytics summery

This plugin provides you with one of the coolest feature, which is shortcodes. Using shortcode [analytics] anywhere on your site to show your analytics publicly. Or you can use the shortcode [analytics-counter] in your footer widget to show your daily pageviews. From plugin settings, you can enable Google Adsense ID to track Adsense information.


  • It supports Universal and traditional analytics.
  • You can use the shortcode on any page to show our analytics publicly.
  • Support site speed tracking.
  • Can track total page views, referral sources, top searches, bounce rates, download link tracking etc.
  • You can specify the user roles that can see the dashboard widget.
  • Ability to hide Google UID dropdown.
  • Translations available.
  • and many more…

Price: Free



#6 WP Statistics

WP Statistics

WP Statistics is the only Google Analytics plugin which doesn’t depend on external services. So, you don’t need to integrate it with Google Analytics. This plugin will give you your site traffic details once you activate it.

As there is no link between this plugin and Google Analytics, so this plugin works on its way. From the admin interface, you can easily view statistics presented as graphs. It presents you online users, total visits, GroIP, referrers, stats, hits etc. You can also see total search queries and redirects from popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu.

WP Statistics maps

This plugin allows you to get common traffic reports such as user online, page views, total visitors etc via your email. You can add multiple emails to get the reports. 


  • Track online users, visits, visitors and page statistics.
  • GeoIP location by Country and interactive map of visitors location.
  • See search queries and redirects from popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu.
  • Shortcodes available for both widgets and posts/pages.
  • Get stats through your email.
  • It doesn’t depend on Google Analytics.
  • Automatic updates to the GeoIP database.

Price: Free




#7 WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats is an alternative Google analytics plugin for WordPress. This plugin is light-weight and comes with limited features. If you need only basic options like page views, devices, organic searches, browsers, OS, top posts etc, then this plugin is a good option for you.

If you don’t have any Google Analytics account, then no worry. It works without any other external services as all statistics are private on your hosting and are accessible only by you.


  • Very light-weight and easy to use.
  • No third party required for activating this plugin.
  • Get all statistics page views, traffic sources, geographical location, viewed post on your admin dashboard.
  • translation available.

Price: Free




Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack by WP

When you install WordPress, then you see there are two plugins already installed and Jetpack is one of them. It is free and comes with a lot of features. Using Jetpack, you can monitor your site stats. After install, go to Jetpack> Site Stats. Then you will be asked to log in with your WordPress.com account.

Jetpack works the same way as other Google Analytics plugins do. You can see total views, total referrers, top posts & pages etc. To see more details about your site stats, visit WordPress.com(where you logged in).

If you don’t have Jetpack installed, install it or download it.

Read, How to Add Google Analytics to your site without a plugin.


Choosing the best Google Analytics plugin is not easy as there are many plugins available on the Internet and hard to separate. So, we tested those Google Analytics plugins and reviewed them. We also mentioned, which plugin is totally free and paid. They provide different features, and maybe you want only basic features or in-depth details. You can use them on your blog site or even E-commerce site.

If this article is helpful, then please do share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Besides, if you want to say your opinion or have any suggestion, feel free to let us know by comment.

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MonsterInsights fulfills its goal of making analytics easy for beginners. It gives you the powerful insights of Google Analytics, without the overwhelm. It’s easily the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Austin Kimberly

Google analytics is very important part of digital marketing.I read your blog you share the google analytics plugins is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here.


Hi Prakash
Thanks for this Post. This Post is very fruitful for the WordPress users. I
myself is using the WordPress site and surely gonna use these tricks for my site.
Keep up the good work.

Virgil Vergara

Hi. Thanks for that list. My favorite is the WP Statistics. I just like that it has so many cool features and that its free. I like Monster Insights also. But you have to spend money to get some of its best features enabled. The one feature I like with Monster Insights is the AMP addon.

JItender Singh
JItender Singh

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP or Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify which the best?

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