10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin 2016

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat support is a Web based service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors to their Web site. Live support applications are commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers. So in this post i am showing you 10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin of 2016.

But you may think, why i need a Live chat function in my website… Right?…“Do you know you can get more 60% customers, even you can boost your sales more of having a live chat system.” Live chat function is obvious nowadays for selling something, and mainly for those who comes to your website for the first time. They don’t have much time to to wait for an answer. So Live chat does a great work in that case. After integrating WordPress live chat plugin, you can directly chat with your customer and help them about their queries of any product. Let’s check out those WordPress live chat plugins…

10 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin

1. Live Chat

WordPress Live Chat PluginLive Chat is the best live chat software and help desk software for customer service. If you are finding best WordPress live chat plugin for any kind of business, then it is good option or you. This WordPress Live Chat Plugin comes with a lot of features which can boost your conversation rate with buyers. 

With their powerful admin dashboard, you can customize everything. If you have portfolio, E-commerce or any time of website, you can use it easily. First you just need to login in your admin dashboard and get the code and add it to footer.php in your theme. Then you can set up your chat options, themes from here. Here is a screenshot of dashboard:-

live chat wpmyweb

Key Features:

  • Customizing Chat Window: When you have enabled chat option in your website, then you can customize chat window with several themes and colour. That’s not all. Next in the language option, the default language is English, but if your business is settled in Italy, then you can change the language to Italiano. You can also enable Pre-chat-survey, Post-chat-survey etc. Post-chat-survey is mainly used for instant customer feedback and in case of rating agents. Customer can fill up ticket form in chat option, if online chat is unavailable that time.
  • Customer Engagements: You can set custom message, when someone clicks on online chat or you can Set up more greetings to invite target visitors to chat. With eye-catcher system, your customers get more attention and provoke them to start the chat.
  • Advanced Agent Tools: Chat Agent can add tags and keyboard shortcuts for fast use. This chat can be usable from PC and phone using downloadable software. 
  • Chat Settings: Chat agents can route chats or it can be done automatically. So certain department gets specific category based clients.
  • Easy to Integrate: No matter which CMS you are using, you can integrate this Live Chat plugin easily into your website.



This plugin is paid which starting costs is $16/month. Start 30 Days Trial


2. WP Live Chat

WordPress Live Chat- Wpmyweb

WP Live Chat plugin is the most cost effective WordPress live chat plugin. This plugin is fully functional and supports for small businesses. This plugin is free so you don’t need to pay for live chat monthly subscriptions in order to better understand your visitors.

You now have the choice to host your live chat on either your own website or their live chat server. Using their live chat server will improve your chat’s performance by up to 300% and reduce the load on your host. 

It is fully customizable, so you can set the live chat from your admin dashboard. As you see in the picture above that you can chat with your customers using windows app, android app etc and even you will get desktop notification if some customer eager to chat with agents. Here is an image of admin dashboard below:

WP Live Chat

This plugin is free, but if you want full features of this plugin then you have to buy PRO version. Here are some key features of WP Live Chat:

Key Features:

  • Chat Ratings & Social Icons: It is a good choice that customers/users can rate your agents in real time and you can add your Facebook fanpage or business page in chat window to get more followers at same time.
  • Browser Notifications: This plugin allows you to get browser notifications as soon as a new chat is received.
  • Access Previous Chat Records: You can access to any chats you may have missed as well as previous chat records.
  • Supports Multi Languages: WP Live Chat Support is fully translatable and is available over 25 different languages.
  • Host Your Chat Server in the Cloud: Host your live chat server on their cloud server to improve your chat’s performance by up to 300% and reduce the load on your host. 


This plugin is free, but to get full access or features you need to buy Pro version of this plugin, which costs is $39.95.


3.Tawk.to Live Chat

tawk wpmyweb

Tawk.to is a 100% FREE live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your WordPress site. It supports for all kind of business and over 250,000 companies using Tawk.to. It is designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience. As there is no limit, so you can use it on multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Tawk.to offers free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser.

Key Features:

  • Custom Widget: You can modify the Size, Colors, Position and Content of the visitor widget to suit your website.
  • Use Multiple Sites: If you want to use live chat on multiple website. Then add multiple different widgets to as many websites as you like, so you can track where all your chats are coming from.
  • Automated Chat Triggers: You can set triggers to set automated messages based on multiple conditions, like time, visiting a specific page, or performing a certain action etc.
  • Custom Shortcuts: Shortcuts allows you to answer quickly within 1 sec and it also saves time by answering frequently asked visitor questions. Such as: Instead of typing Hello, welcome to our website, how can we help? you could create a shortcut that is simply /hello.
  • Free Apps: Tawk.to offers free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected with your customers from anywhere.


100% Free.


4. Zopim Live Chat

zopim live chat

Zopim is one of the most popular and reliable WordPress Live Chat Plugin. Zopim lets you monitor and chat with visitors surfing your store in real-time. They have over 150,000 customers and most active installed WordPress live chat plugin.

They providing their customers the most coolest feature is Facebook Messenger ChatSo using this feature you will be able to to using messenger. And of course it’s the another best way to reach to your customers.

Key Features:

  • Advance Analytics: Zopim dashboard lets you monitor visitor flow, usage patterns, and lets you jump in whenever a customer might need help.
  • Suitable for All Kind of Business: If you have small or even big website, no problem. It works in every type of smoothly.
  • Mobile Friendly: This plugin is fully mobile friendly, so your customers can chat with you from any device using our mobile optimized chat widget.
  • Easy to Integrate: It supports all major CMS.
  • any many more…


Free | $11.20/mo.


5. I’Msupporting

Chat Plugin WoRdPress

I’Msupporting is a live chat platform for websites and e-commerce stores. With the IMsupporting live chat software you can have a live chat account, login to the live chat account and be chatting to your visitors within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Real Time Visitor Monitoring: With their powerful dashboard, you are able to monitor visitor’s behaviors and act on them is just as important. And you can track what pages your users are on, where they came from, their geo-location. 
  • Easy to Customize: You can customize the chat windows to suit your own websites theme and change the fonts, colors and header banner image. I chat option you can arrange text and fields.
  • Better Security: I’Msupporting providing SSL Encryption, so all chat stay safe ad secure.
  • more….


Free | $12.63/mo

6. JivoChat


JivoChat has over 155,614 customers and one of the reliable company. JivoChat helps customers receive immediate answers in live chat – without having to call or send emails and right on your website. You can install this plugin in minutes, and can be custom configured to match your personal style.

JivoChat providing you free desktop app for Mac/Windows, browser app and mobile app too. So you or your agents wouldn’t miss a single chat. 

Key Features:

  • More Better Quality: Every day they score the quality of the chat service on your site by a scale from 0 to 5 and give suggestions of what areas you need to improve.
  • Easy to Use: Agents can take chats with their convenient desktop app for Mac/Windows, browser app and our mobile app too.
  • More Chats with Customers: It is offering assistance before questions are asked with proactive chats turns casual visitors into happy customers.


Free | $10/mo.


7. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat is a live chat service which allows you to easily communicate with your customers. If you are finding a good and cheap WordPress live chat plugin, then it is good option. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides, no registration required.

It is extremely easy to install, once you install the plugin, you’re ready to go. It keeps track of who visits your website. You can adjust colour scheme or custom fields for forms to your needs.


  • Keep track of who visits your website.
  • Contact your visitor via email when they leave the chat.
  • Integration with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce and MailChimp and many more.
  • Dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome).
  • Fully customizable.


Free | Pro Version: $12/mo.

Tildo Live Chat Price


8. Olark Live Chat

olark live chat

Olark is the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. Olark reveals who’s on your website and exactly what they are doing. Even see what’s in their shopping cart.

It’s quick & easy to install and customize Olark. Just create an Olark account and paste the code into your website, you are good to go. With beautiful themes, text and language you choose, and even a powerful API, Olark is entirely in your control.

This plugin is very useful for your E-commerce website or WordPress site. But it has no free version, you need to purchase to use this plugin.


  • Olark works with the major software you already use and superpowers your CRM.
  • Get instant feedback from your customers so you know you’re making them happier.
  • Your customers can review your products or agents using chat options. So that you can improve your product and experience.


$12/month. (Only Premium Version Available)



9. onWebChat

onweb chat

onWebChat is a good WordPress live chat plugin for your website. It allows you to chat with your website visitors, monitor website traffic and provide better customer support. 

This WordPress live chat plugin for WordPress provides an easy way to integrate your WordPress website with our innovative live chat system. It is also compatible with WooCommerce websites.You can chat with your website visitors in real-time in just one click, monitor your website traffic and maximize your conversions with triggers.

onwebchat features


Free | $7.81/month.



10. WP-Chat


WP Chat is a WordPress live chat plugin, which is mainly built for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can monitor and chat with visitors, which surfing your store/website in real-time. It is full customizable multilingual Chat Front-Interface. 

To use this service, you just need an API key from WP-Chat , and you can start chatting with your customers. It allows you to add Unlimited websites, Unlimited chats, Unlimited  clients and more. You can use their mobile App for this live chat plugin.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited Operators
  • Mobile app, Chrome app available for this WordPress Live Chat Plugin



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