7 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress [2020 Edition]

If you own a website, then most probably you heard about Google AdSense. AdSense is the biggest advertising network. Millions of webmasters show various types of ads on their websites and earn a lot of money.

But it comes very difficult for WordPress beginners to add Google AdSense ads on WordPress, especially when someone recently started their blog. For instance, a user wants to show ads inside a blog post or any page, then it is quite confusing for the user because by default WordPress doesn’t provide an option for inserting any ads into post or page. In this case, you need to use Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress.

Why Use WordPress AdSense Plugin?

Inserting AdSense code into WordPress posts is hard and time-consuming work. Without an AdSense plugin, you need to manually insert this code in every post and page and you can’t show ads on your desired place. You probably know that Ads location matters for increasing AdSense CPC and revenue. 

Now take a look how AdSense code looks like,

<script async src="//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>
<!-- Homepage Leaderboard -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

[*This is a sample AdSense code]

So by using a WordPress AdSense Plugin, you can easily show any kind of ads in your website at any place. So in this article, I will write about 7 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress.

Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress

#1. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter Plugin

Ad Inserter is the best Ads management plugin for WordPress. This plugin supports all kinds of Ads including AdSense and Amazon. It is also perfect for showing contextual native shopping ads and rotating banners.

You can add any kind of ads in 16 different positions. You need to provide your ads code into this plugin’s block and choose where you want to show the ads on your website. After that, it will automatically insert ads in every post or page.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter also provides many options to insert any HTML, CSS or JavaScript code on your page. You can also see the code preview before placing it on your site. It also supports for AMP pages.

This plugin is also available in the PRO version which comes with more extra features. You can use up to 64 total ad blocks, can use syntax highlighting editor, country-level GEO-Tagging, device detection. Besides, you can add your ads on sticky positions, so your page ads will not move when the page scrolls. Most of all this plugin is great to insert multiple ads on your site easily.

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#2. WP Quads
WP Quads

WP Quads is another great Google AdSense plugin that allows you to show multiple ads on your site content. It has 4.9 rating out of 5 and used more than 100000 websites. This AdSense plugin for WordPress is built with solid code and well maintained and updated to be compatible with all upcoming WordPress versions and it also supports all type of WordPress themes.

Using this plugin, you can add 9 ads in different positions. By default, this plugin limits total 3 AdSense ads according to AdSense policy.

WP Quads ads sample

From the plugin settings, you can assign Google Ads position to the beginning of post, middle of post, end of post and between any paragraph. You can also set visibility conditions and show or hide ads based on post type or user roles.

It supports any kind of ads including Amazon and you can show maximum 10 Ads on a page and sidebar widgets.

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3. WP Insert

WP Insert

WP Insert is another great Google AdSense WordPress plugin. Unlike other Google AdSense Plugins, WP Insert provides A-B testing feature so that multiple Ad networks can be set up to display ads from the different network. This way you can show different network ads and earn more money.

You can easily insert Ad above post content, middle of the post content, below post content, right and left of post content.

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4. Advanced Ads
Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is one of the best Ads Manager plugins for WordPress. By using this plugin, you can manage your ads, create ad rotation and insert ads into your blog posts and pages. You can easily create banners and group ads to create ad rotations. For instance, if you are publishing a blog post, you can set a date for when to publish the ad. So the ad will be shown after publishing the post.

With Google AdSense ad, you can also show other network ads e.g Clickbank, Chitika, Amazon and others Google AdSense alternatives.

From the plugin settings, you can disable all ads on frontend and 404 pages. This plugin also allows you to set visitor conditions so that you can display or hide ads by device.

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5. AdSense Speed Sense

AdSense Speed Sense

AdSense Speed Sense is one of the best Ad management WordPress Plugin. Using this plugin, you can quickly insert Google AdSense on your blog. This plugin provides flexible ads placements and you can insert ads specifically or randomly anywhere within a post. You can insert ads on different places e.g beginning of post, middle of post, end of post, between paragraph and after ‘more’ tag.

This plugin only compatible with Google AdSense only, so you can use it only if you are using AdSense on your blog. To setup this plugin, you need to provide your AdSense publisher ID. After that, you can enable Ads on homepage, category pages and even tags. You can also hide ads on your computer to prevent accidental clicks on your ads.

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6. Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads

Insert Post Ads is very simple Google AdSense WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically insert post ads on any posts and pages. From the plugin settings, you can choose to insert post ads before content, after content and after specified number of paragraphs. For example, if you insert any ad before your content, then it will automatically show ads before the content on every post.

Like other Google AdSense Plugins, it also supports various types of ads and makes it simple to implement ads on your site.

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7. Google AdSense Ads Manager

Google AdSense Ads Manager

Google AdSense Als Manager is one of the simplest Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress. It comes with a very simple interface that you can easily insert Ads on your site content. After installing this plugin, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and then Settings> Google AdSense. From there, you can manage your ads and set ad locations.

This plugin has only 3 ad slots and you can insert Google AdSense ads in posts, pages, homepage and between paragraphs.

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If you are using AdSense or any other network ads on your WordPress blog, then you should use Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress. By using ad management plugin, you can easily insert any kind of ads or banner into your content. It is hassle-free and just needs a one-time setup. Then Ads will be automatically visible in your blog post. So in this article, I wrote about 7 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress.

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From my point of view as an ad optimizer, the plugin Advanced Ads is much better than AdInserter. It is not only because the user-friendly AdSense integration (you can pull your ads from your AdSense account and don’t need to copy any code). The main reason is the 64 ad block limit of Ad Inserter. I continuously run several tests and I would not be able to do so with such this limitation.

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