Blogger vs WordPress? Which One is Better and Why?

As a beginner, it comes so confusing when to choose a blogging platform to start a blog. You probably heard about WordPress, Drupal, Blogger etc but don’t know which one is better and how to choose the perfect Blogging platform based on your needs. One of the most common trends is Blogger vs WordPress that many users ask about it. They also ask Blogger or WordPress will be good for making money, gives you more customise option and most of all controls in your hand.

In this article, I am going to write about Blogger vs WordPress. I will also show the comparison of WordPress vs blogger so that you can easily understand which blogging platform is suitable for you based on your needs. For better understanding, I am also sharing an Infographic of Blogspot vs WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress – Which one is Better?

When I first started my first blog, it was on blogger. That time I had no idea about blogging and I used to publish few posts. It was quite good for me as it is free to use. But I preferred to use my own domain, more customizable and more control.

Later on, I made another blogging site using WordPress(Self-Hosted). It was not free and it took me a couple of bucks. But it was awesome and totally customizable. From then I have created several websites for my clients. Not to mention is powered by WordPress.

So, here’s what I found about Blogger vs WordPress.

1. Site Ownership

Blogger is a free blogging platform and owned by Google. It is easy to use and totally reliable to create a blog using blogger platform. However, it is not owned by you. It is owned by Google and they have the right to shut it down or your access at any time without any further notice.

On the other side, WordPress is an Open Source software, which is needed to install to your own WordPress hosting. It is totally owned by you, so you can decide what will do with your site. If you wish you can stop or continue your site.


2. Functionality

If you are thinking to extend your Blogger feature or use it as an E-commerce platform, then you can’t modify it as Blogger or Blogspot comes with very limited features. To add an online store, you need to integrate products from the 3rd party like Shopify.

Using WordPress, you can easily create an online store. However, Woocommerce is the most popular E-commerce platform on the internet and it is owned by WordPress. Woocommerce is totally free to use and there are tons of plugins and themes available and you can use them as you want. With WordPress and Woocommerce, you can create a complete online store in just a couple of hours. With their plenty of WordPress plugins, you can easily build big online communities, forums and membership site which can be free or paid. So if you are thinking of WordPress vs Blogger, then definitely you can use WordPress as a blogging site, business site, forum, online shopping portal and much more.


3. Customization

With blogging, you can’t customize everything as you want. For example, you want to edit some theme code or plugin code, then you can not either customize it. More than that, Blogger has a limited team to develop plugins and themes. So for a simple blog site, Blogspot is a good choice. But if you want to turn your blog into a money-making machine or want to high quality website, then you can not do it with Blogger.

WordPress Total Themes

As WordPress site is totally owned by you, so you can do any type of customization as you want. There are plenty of WordPress themes and plugins available, which are totally customizable. There is nothing limited and you can use any plugin theme to modify your site. Not only that, you can also edit your theme code if you want to change anything on your site.



4. Security

One of the most important things of a site is Security or keeping your site secure. Hackers can easily hack your site if your site is not well protected or you don’t take any security steps. 

Blogger is a Google product, so it is highly secured by Google. Besides, if you are using Blogger, you don’t need to think about your site resources, security and backup services as it pre-built option.

WordPress is totally owned by you, so your site’s security is depending on you. But securing a WordPress site is quite easy. There are many WordPress hosts available which provide multi layer security options.


5. Ranking Factor

It is a rumour that many people believe if they use Blogger, their site will get Search Engine Optimization(SEO) advantages and rank higher. But it is totally FALSE. Google gives the same value to Blogger as WordPress or other blogging platforms. Ranking factor determines on your site structure, your content quality, backlinks etc. As Blogger has limited function, it doesn’t offer advanced SEO options to better optimized your site.

On the other side, WordPress doesn’t have SEO features by default. But there are many SEO plugins available for WordPress which help your site to rank higher on search engines.


 6. Support

Being limited numbers of developers in their team, Blogger’s support is limited. Besides, it is not as much popular as WordPress or Drupal, so very few people have knowledge about it. They have their official Blogger forum where you can discuss your site problem.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, so there are many active communities, forums, blogs available from where you will get support by others Pro users and developers. More than that, if you are using any WordPress premium theme or plugin, then they have their own forum and ticket system from where you will get the premium theme or plugin support.


WordPress vs Blogger – Which one to Choose?

To choose a blogging platform, you first need to figure out why you want to create a blog site. The purpose can be anything, for example: sharing knowledge with other people, make money with a blog, sell online products, build a membership portal etc. Now, you probably wondering which one to choose, Blogspot vs WordPress.

Blogger or Blogspot is a good blogging platform when you are planning to create a very simple blog to share your knowledge or information with the world. It doesn’t come with such advanced options or fancy design. Moreover, you also unable to customize it and their plugins and themes are very limited. So, if you are ok with a blogging platform that is limited, doesn’t require any technical skill and don’t need total control on your hand- then Blogger or Blogspot is a good choice for you.

On the other side, if you want full control of your blog, want to customize or give it a look as you want and want to build an online store, business site or blogging site, then WordPress is a perfect choice. Unlike Blogger, WordPress doesn’t limit any feature and you can use it on your way.

There are over 350 million websites are online on the internet and still counting. If you want to create your own website, you should start right now. In this tutorial, I have explained Blogger vs WordPress and their pros and cons.

I hope this tutorial helped you to choose the perfect blogging platform for your purpose. Do you have any suggestion about WordPress vs Blogger, then let us know.

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