7 Best Restaurant Website Builder

The best way to establish an online presence for your restaurant is by starting a restaurant website. It'll undoubtedly build your customer base, boost the recognition of your brand and encourage regular orders. 

Creating a perfect website can be pretty tricky. The website should be intuitive, easy to use, affordable, and convenient. 

With the right website builder, you'll be able to create a perfect website with all the listed qualities.

The great thing is the website builders are easy to use and convenient. Both professional web designers and newbies can successfully use them on their projects. Here are the tested seven best restaurant website builders.

7 Best Restaurant Website Builder

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Webnode
  4. Weebly
  5. Up Menu
  6. Jimdo
  7. PageCloud

1. Wix

Wix is one of the best restaurant website builders. It has more than one million users. 

Creating a website with Wix is quite simple. You will be able to promote your restaurant and increase your sales. Plus, you get to build a beautiful, professional and personal web presence. 

The Wix website has a business analysis app that will help you the number of visitors using your website. 

It comes with 10GB storage and is so secure. Your Wix website will be able to store massive amounts of data without affecting the website's performance. 

The site booster app is another helpful tool. The site booster app will publish your business in the most critical places online.   

Key Features 

  • Free Domain for one year
  • Custom domain
  • Remove Wix ads
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Video hours: Upload 1-hour video


  • Connect Domain Plan (The Most Basic): $4.50 
  • The Combo ( Designed For Personal/ Private Use): $8.50 
  • Unlimited ( Designed For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs): $12.50
  • VIP (First Priority Support): $ 24.50  

2. Squarespace

With Squarespace, you can turn all your ideas into a perfect reality. The website builder is easy to learn and use. 

It has excellent SEO tools that will help make people notice your site. In addition, Squarespace has a multitude of layouts. 

With the Squarespace website, you'll have access to unlimited contributors. It has more than 150 layouts that will ensure the creation of professional-looking content.

Meaning you can invite several people to work with you on the website. Each individual will have an account with specific responsibilities. 

The basic website metric will help you keep track of activities going on in your website. This includes things like interactions per visit, number of visitors, bounce rates, and many more.

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

  • SSL security

  • Free custom domain

  • 150+ templates that fit all needs

  • Mobile optimized website

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Personal: $12 

  • Business (Most Popular): $18

  • Commerce (Basic): $26

  • Commerce (Advanced): $40

3. WebNode

Webnode is another perfect online website builder with excellent prices. Westcom developed the website builder. 

A Czech republic based company. Webnode allows you to create a professional and engaging and professional website. It boasts having excellent plans, easy user-ability, and simplicity. 

Webnode website supports two languages, and this will increase your restaurant sales. In case you are running a local restaurant, customers can read content in their native languages. This will increase their chances of purchasing from your store. 

The website offers five data backups, and this will certainly prevent any data loss. It has the form builder app that will create customizable and job-specific forms for your restaurant. In addition, it has no ads and allows the upload of background videos.

Key Features

  • 10 GB Bandwidth

  • 2GB Storage

  • Free Domain for one year

  • Use own domain

  • Google analytics

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Limited plan: $3.95

  • Mini plan: $5.95

  • Standard plan: $11.95

  • Profi plan: $19.95

4. Weebly

Weebly is quite famous. I'm so confident you've heard or read about the online website builder. It saves you the pressure of having to look for website developers. Weebly has an array of practical website creation tools such as drag and drop builder. 

It also has several custom fonts that are so unique and will help you show your restaurant's brand and style. 

With Weebly, you get the chance to upload high-quality videos that will be stunningly clear to customers. 

Weebly is known to have very unique and stable features. You sell digital products like recipe eBooks, tickets and many more. 

Weebly also offers a free domain which is easy to create. If you aren't ready to make a complete domain purchase, you can opt for the free domain, which is hustle-free. Other great benefits of the Weebly website are a responsive website, coupons, and many more. 

Key Features

  • App integration

  • Domain registration

  • Responsive templates 

  • Unlimited members

  • Email and SEO marketing

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Free: $0

  • Connect (Connect Domain): $5

  • Pro (Professional Features): $12

  • Business (Fully Integrated Ecommerce): $25

  • Business Plus (Email Marked and Advance Ecommerce): $38

5. Up Menu

The Up menu website builder was primarily designed for restaurants. The website is easy to learn and user-friendly. You can build your restaurant website in just five minutes and start selling your food. 

The menu has various menu themes and layouts. You can choose any that fits with your brand. The website can be easily configured to your mobile phone, and you can select specific delivery zones. It's a one website builder that will help you win customers and find new opportunities. 

The menu allows you to brand your website according to your preferred guidelines. It gives the website your restaurant's authentic look and feels.  The social plugins allow automated communication between the social media platforms and the webpage. 

Key Features

  • Secure SSL

  • Responsive design

  • Custom Domain

  • Web Analytics

  • Advanced code editor for website developers

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Basic: $49

  • Standard (Most Popular): $89

  • Premium: $169

6. Jimdo

The German website builder is perfect for all those with no website design experience. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. 

It has several other offices in various locations such as Tokyo and Munich. 

With Jimdo, you can create a website effortlessly for your restaurant. It has a free image library where you'll post the various foods and menus. 

The image and text adding technology is the drop and add. Jimdo also has flexible layouts, and you can choose one that matches your restaurant brand and style. 

Jimdo has excellent image library software that will allow you to store the crucial images of your restaurant and food. It also offers a contact form that will help generate better from your restaurant website.

Key Features

  • Free Domain

  • Mobile optimized

  • HTTPS security

  • Advanced SEO

  • Connect your Domain

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Play: $0

  • Start (Personal): $9

  • Grow (Business): $15

7. PageCloud

Like other online website builders, PageCloud does not require coding. Its building tool, drag, and drop are so powerful and easy to use. It ensures the creation and launch of an intuitive website. 

It also has an auto-layout structure format which makes your website great across all device screen sizes. 

In auto layout, the information can reflow and resize. Therefore you will have a beautiful website with perfect design flexibility. It doesn't require hosting.

PageCloud has 1TB bandwidth which allows quicker and more website data transfer at one time. You can do lots of activities from your PageCloud website using the free google workspace.

Key Features

  • Free Custom Domain name

  • 100+ App integration

  • Section libraries and Templates

  • 10 Team Members

  • Search Engine Optimization

Pricing/ Monthly

  • Small Business: $24

  • Business: $39

  • Pro (Designed for freelancers, agencies, and marketing teams): $65

Conclusion - Best Restaurant Website Builder

The restaurant business is quite a lucrative business. To turn it into a passionate income-generating career, you must have some essentials, such as the website. It'll surely help increase sales and build the credibility of your business. 

The easy-to-use online website-building tools are the answer. The great thing is that there are several and great online website-building tools out there. 

They have become so popular and are being used by various businesses and corporations. This article offers reviews of the seven best websites available. If you are done reading it, I'm confident it'll be easier to decide the perfect pick.

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