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20 Best WooCommerce Plugins You Need for 2018

So you have created WooCommerce site. You are ready for the world. You are looking forward to a great future for your business. Growth is what you need. Somebody does a Google search and see your website. Someone took a look at your website. Something is missing. They realized there is an element missing so […]

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5 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugin for WordPress

In our previous tutorial, we shared how to Fix 404 Error Page Not Found. We also mentioned how to fix dead links easily. You can use 404 redirect plugin if you have a limited number of 404 error. Otherwise, you shouldn’t use this plugin. If you have a large number of 404 errors, then you […]

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How to Add Snowfall Effect in WordPress Site

Christmas is coming and maybe you already started wishing to your families, friends, and others. So why not to your blog readers? It’s time to add Snowfall Effect to your WordPress site.  You must notice that many website owners already added snow falling effect on their blog. It looks cool, isn’t it? So if you […]

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7 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress [2020 Edition]

If you own a website, then most probably you heard about Google AdSense. AdSense is the biggest advertising network. Millions of webmasters show various types of ads on their websites and earn a lot of money. But it comes very difficult for WordPress beginners to add Google AdSense ads on WordPress, especially when someone recently […]

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