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Backlink is one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Your website will rank high on Search Engines like: Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, when you have more backlinks. But getting high- quality backlinks is not easy. So for this, you need backlink checker tools to check backlinks of your site.

There are many backlink checker tools available on the internet, maximum is paid. So in this article, I am providing you 10 Best Backlink Checker Tools, so you can check backlinks of your website or any other domain’s total number backlinks easily.

Why you need Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink is a link that one website gets from any other site. Search Engines calculate a total number of backlinks from every website and that’s how one website ranks in Search Engines.

But, wait…

There are some backlink sources, which violating Google’s Guidelines, such as: Getting backlinks from a torrent site, cracked website, porn website etc. Here I wrote aboutHow to get quality backlinks easily“, which is the easiest way to get powerful backlinks.


10 Best free tools to check backlinks

#1 Semrush

semrush backlinks

Semrush is one of the best online backlink checker tool to check backlinks. Semrush is not only backlink checker tool, but it is most popular Search Engine Marketing(SEM) tool available on the internet. You can do a lot of things for your blogging website or online business. You can check keyword difficulty and check backlinks of any domain. Using this tool you can monitor other competitor’s progression and get their backlink source in your hand. Here is a picture i have shown above, that is showing full data of “Semrush.com” domain. 

Semrush doesn’t provide free service, it costs $69.95 per month. But I have a special coupon for you that you can use it for free. Use this link.


#2 OpenLinkProfiler


If you want a free backlink checker tool, then OpenLinkProfiler is the best option for you. It is totally free and you can get an in-depth analysis of the freshest live backlinks and over 200,000 fresh links per site. Here you can check regularly updated backlinks which are verified, pointing to your website. 

It counts your total active backlinks and unique active backlinks from your site. You can also monitor your competitor’s backlink sources and anchor texts, which is vital of SEO part. 

They have also paid version of SEO tool “SEOprofiler”. With a free SEOprofiler account, you can export up to 1,000 backlinks of any domain. 



#3 Majestic

majestic backlink checker tool

Majestic backlink checker tool helps you to analyze any domain’s backlink easily. Majestic gives you in-depth backlinks details which are updated daily and contains data from the last 90 days. You can check any domain using a Historic index which contains all the data Majestic has.

This is paid service, but you can use it free after sign in. You can compare your site with other domains and get the full list of Indexed URLs, Refer domains, Refer IP addresses, External Backlinks, Governmental External Backlinks and much more.


#4 Open Site Explorer

Moz backlink checker toolOpen Site Explorer is a free backlink checker tool by MozWith backlink research, Moz also provides some paid services i.e: Keyword Research, SEO Audit & Crawl, Rank Tracking. 

Moz is worth trying. If you don’t use paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service like Semrush, then it is the good option for you. You can compare backlinks between two or more domains and you can Improve rankings and search engine visibility with the complete SEO toolset.



#5 Search Engine Genie

Search Engine Genie

Search Engine Genie is a specialized search engine optimization, marketing and SEO tool. It comes with lots of features such as: Google Tools, Yahoo Tools, MSN Tools, Text Tools, Comparison Tools, Link Popularity Tools, Search Engine Tools, Keyword Tools etc and all those are completely free. 

Google backlink checker tool gives you all information about the quality of links and also displays the exact number of links. On clicking each link it will open a new window where you will find Page Rank of a webpage containing your source link.



#6 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo backlink checker tool

BuzzSumo is a complete Search Engine Marketing tool, which comes very handy to users. It doesn’t allow only to check backlinks but you can use it as Facebook analyzer. 

As you know Social sharing is another most important thing for promoting your content and getting social traffic. So using BuzzSumo you can check best-performing post on Facebook for any keyword. 

Example: Suppose you want to check about “Content Marketing”, then just add the keyword in BuzzSumo Facebook Analyse tool, and get full details of like, shares, comment and engagement. 



#7 Web SEO Analytics


WebSEO is a free SEO tool for professionals. WebSEO also provides many features as Search Engine Genie. It gives you in-depth SEO Analysis and reliable accurate results.

Using this tool you can do keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO auditing, Check Backlinks and link building. It helps hundreds of online marketing professionals to make efficient decisions based on key performance indicators.



#8 Link Diagnosis

link diagnosis

Link Diagnosis completely free backlink checker tool. Using this tool you can do only research backlinks. It comes with some good features. In that search box, you can enable some filters such as: Page rank, Engine, Site settings, Speed and Report type. Those options mainly used for to check rank on a specified page.

To use this tool, you have to use Mozilla Firefox browser to get the full report and you need to download Mozilla browser extension.



#9 Rank Signals


Rank Signals is one of my favorite free backlink checker tool, as it gives more accurate real-time data. Using this tool, you can find and identify your competitors best links. As you know maintaining a high-quality link profile is vital for search rankings. Rank Signals helps to identify your bad and spam links.

Rank Signals identifies and reports links which have been changed or removed. These links are marked along with an error code. It also provides browser extension, so you can check backlinks, page rank, Alexa rank directly with just one single click.

To get the full report of any domain, you just need to register.



#10 Lxr Marketplace

lxr marketplace

Kxr Marketplace is free SEO tool for small businesses. Lxr Marketplace is suitable for SEO, PPC and E-commerce. With their SEO tools, you can easily check backlinks for any domain. It can identify the top linking websites to your domain and check the number of inbound links/ backlinks and the number of referring websites to your domain.

They are also providing free SEO Sitemap Builder. It automatically generates sitemaps for your website whenever you make changes or publish a new post.


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