How to Integrate Forum into WordPress,No Plugin Required

If you own a company or have a online store, then its the big deal to give customer support to every person. Suppose you provide online chat support or email support, but you can do it for a limited number customers. Because you have to maintain your company and you have some employee who do their work. But do you want to provide support in more easy and smart way? Yes, you can do it. Then you have to use Forum software. In forum there are many scope to discuss anything and can be shared with other people. So one Answer Solution can help others to understand and he can get solutions too in forum. Then you don’t need to reply every customer every time, as you can redirect him to forum. But some forums are free and some paid. But some popular forums are- phpBB, MyBB, vanilla, ip board, bbPress, SMF etc. So check How to Integrate Forum into WordPress without any plugin.


How to Integrate Forum into WordPress, Step by Step Guide:

So first of all you need WordPress installed. Then go to public_html or where you installed WordPress. Then create a folder named “forum” or you can change the name as you desire. Then copy all downloaded forum contents into this empty forum and install your favorite forum in that location as how you installed WordPress.

Integrate Forum into WordPress

After that go to your WordPress Dashboard and then Menus in Appearance section. Then create a menu and you will see some options like- Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories. Now click on Custom Links and you will see a box, which is URL and Link Text. Now fill it up with the forum url or copy the uel from forum and give it a name ” forum ” or something.

Integrate Forum into WordPress

As you can see i am using Xampp and a normal WordPress theme, but you don’t find any suitable theme then check our our expert picked Blogging theme or Portfolio theme.

Now create one or two pages as you are using forum as custom link. So you see there are three two pages and a custom link- Home, Sample Page and Forum. So when i click forum tab, it will redirect me to forum page which one i installed separately.

Integrate forum into WordPress

WordPress Forum

So this way you can Integrate forum into WordPress. bbPress forum is WordPress forum but it has limited features. If you want to run a big community then phpBB, MyBB, SMF etc will be better and free too.


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