How to Completely Uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin (Updated)

Using Cache plugin is good for your viewers as it designed to improve user experience and page speed. But there are always some issues with plugins. Sometime W3 Cache Plugin creates some problem and 404 page not found errors. Its maybe you did not installed W3 Total Cache Plugin properly. Read How to setup W3 Total Cache Plugin easily. But some of them get problems after installing this plugin. So here is a quick tutorial how to Completely Uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin. To do this you must need cPanel or FTP login details.

  • Do this steps carefully and backup your files and databases before you start (Highly Recommended). 

How to Uninstall W3 Total Cache Plugin:

1. Turn Off All Caching, Minifying, and other setting in w3 total cache:

First login to your admin dashboard in WordPress. Then go to Performance and disable all what you enabled before. Start form General Settings and so on. Here is the small screenshot How i disabled Page Cache option.

Uninstall w3 total cache plugin

2. From here delete all cache and Deactivate W3 Total Cache

Uninstall w3 total cache plugin

Deactivate this plugin and Delete it.

3. Remove W3 Cache from Wp-Content:

 In that case you need FTP or cPanel details to login. After login you will get this option. Login to your cPanel and head over to WP-Content directory and delete the followings.

  • W3 total-cache-config.php
  • advanced-cache.php
  • db.php
  • w3tc-config

You have to just delete those entire w3tc folder from wp-content. Don’t worry if you don’t see an folder.

4. Turn Off WP-Cache in WP-Config.php:

Now to go your WordPress main root directory and find .htaccess file and look for “define (WP_CACHE’, true);”. Change it the “true” to “false” and save it.

5. Check .htaccess file:

Finally, you’ll want to check your .htaccess file to see if it has an W3 Total Cache rules still configured after the uninstall. It looks like # BEGIN W3TC [caching type]” and “# END W3TC, and carefully remove those lines.

Now you successfully Uninstalled W3 Total Cache Plugin. And i also uninstalled W3 Total Cache for testing. I Properly uninstalled it, got no error and all working fine.

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