7 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2021 (Fast & 100% Uptime)

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 When starting a website, most of the people prefer a shared hosting as it is super affordable, beginner-friendly, and easy to manage.However, when your site begins to grow, it needs more server power, bandwidth, security, then a dedicated (private) server will provide everything you need, but it’s very expensive.The GOOD news is that […]

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How to Enable Gzip Compression in WordPress to Increase Site Speed

What is Gzip Compression? Gzip Compression is a method which compresses files(make them smaller) and increases the speed to which they are transferred to the browser. For example, When a user visits or clicks on your website, a call is made to your server to deliver the requested file. Requested files are counted the total number of articles […]

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What is Akismet Plugin & How to Setup Akismet for WordPress

What is Akismet? If you installed WordPress, then you might notice that there are two plugins already installed in plugin section and Akismet is one of them. After activating, you need an API key to setup Akismet. Not to mention Akismet is one of the most active installed (1+ million active installs) & highest rated WordPress […]

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