5 Best Plugins to Monitor User Activity in WordPress

If you are running a multi-user WordPress site, you are probably finding a way to monitor user activity in your WordPress site. This helps to understand what’s happening on your site, for example when a user logged in, what are their activities after entering your site, if an Editor made any changes to your post […]

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Beginner’s Guide to WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

If you are running a multi-user WordPress site, then you need to know about WordPress user roles and their capabilities. Because many times WordPress site owners assign higher user roles to new users without knowing the capabilities of that role. This way you are giving users all the keys to your WordPress castle and as a result, […]

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10 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins of 2018

There are so many plugins that surround WooCommerce. Each one of them designed to perform certain tasks. But why use a separate shipping plugin when you have a dedicated WooCommerce section for shipping? The answer is quite simple – WooCommerce’s shipping options are just not powerful enough to handle day-to-day shipping needs. Things like parcel […]

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