How to Prevent Image Hotlinking in WordPress?

“Should I keep or delete image links in WordPress?” This is a question that can be debated for a long time. Even if after choosing managed WordPress hosting, you may have kept the default settings. But imagine, when you upload and insert an image into an article or page, a link is automatically added to […]

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10 Best Plugins For Elementor Page Builder

Some people may be scared with a process of website building. They think that it is crucial to be tech-savvy in order to cope with such a mission. There is no reason to hide that sometimes it turns out to be a truly complicated thing. Yet it is possible to make this process a little […]

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How to Quickly Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

Are you getting 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress? Don’t panic! It is one of the most common WordPress errors that many of the webmasters face often. It’s technically a server-side error when the server can’t communicate with your website and as a result, the server shows internal server error.  Unlike any other WordPress errors, […]

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