10 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins of 2018

There are so many plugins that surround WooCommerce. Each one of them designed to perform certain tasks. But why use a separate shipping plugin when you have a dedicated WooCommerce section for shipping? The answer is quite simple – WooCommerce’s shipping options are just not powerful enough to handle day-to-day shipping needs.

Things like parcel packing, shipping labels, package insurances, etc. are really important when you’re up for shipping. So, it’s not just about showing the shipping rates on the Cart page.

But your search for the best WooCommerce shipping plugin ends right now. In this article, we’ll discuss and go through some of the best WooCommerce shipping plugins out there. You’ll also see how they can help you maximize the delivery and order management capabilities on your website.

Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

1. WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label

UPS has been ruling the shipping industry for quite a while and so is this plugin. This WooCommerce solution interacts directly with the official UPS API to fetch the accurate real-time shipping rates. And no matter what, you’d always find yourself in place even while handling bulk orders. Which increases both efficiency and productivity at your workplace.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin

The plugin further allows you to print the shipping labels manually, or automate it as soon the order is placed. And rest assured, as you’ll be notified about it once the label is generated.

UPS Shipping plugin also incorporates a shipment/order tracking feature that lets you automatically share the tracking details with your customers via email.

Other features include scheduling pickups, offer domestic and international services, access to UPS Freight and SurePost, and support for the famous Dokan Multi-Vendor plugin. Not to forget, the plugin comes with the WPML support which just about perfect.

Price: $69

View WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin


2. WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping

This is an important one. The WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker allows your customers to select the desired time and date of delivery – a convenient way of removing post-sale hassles. It’s like reserving a time slot using a WooCommmerce Booking plugin but, in this case, you book the delivery time slot.

Such a feature can prove to be a boon for your business as it gives you additional control. It may even help increase overall sales.

WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping

Although how a product performs in the market depends on various factors. Nonetheless, offering such benefits do increase the interactivity on your website.

So coming down to the other section, it shows the delivery time and date to the admins on the Orders page. With this feature, you can handle your shipments with a preference.

The plugin also informs you about the orders via emails – especially helpful when you’re not around. This small but nifty feature can help you in tough situations. That’s more the reason why you’d need this WooComerce shipping plugin installed.

Price: $50

View WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker Plugin


3. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

For many good reasons, the Table Rate Shipping Pro can be crowned as the best conditional WooCommerce shipping plugins out there. The plugin is a breeze when implementing any business case and works really well without a hiccup.

You will have the control over the shipping parameters like the product weight, cart subtotal, number of items, shipping class, shipping zones, etc. You can further use multiple combinations of these parameters in a way to display certain shipping methods.

Table Rate Shipping Pro

Now coming to the shipping side, you can offer multiple shipping options like Flat-Rate shipping, Free shipping, Express and Ground shipping, Local Pickup, and many more.

You can also offer these shipping methods based on the number of items in the cart or how heavy the entire package is, you name it. You can also have something like, making the shipping cost as the base cost and then adding a per item cost.

Coming to the other amazing benefits, you have the CSV file upload option that you can use to upload hundreds of shipping rules. The plugin works really well with the Per Product Shipping and Bundle Rate Shipping, which is really great for some store owners. Not to forget, the plugin comes with WPML support already.

Price: $69

View Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin


4. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

This WooCommerce shipping plugin is quite renowned and everybody knows why. The shipping methods offered by this plugin are flexible. Meaning, easy to configure and works really well with almost every business case. And as the name suggests, the plugin calculates and displays the shipping cost based on the total order weight – a real problem solver.

Weight Based Shipping

You can easily define and add multiple shipping rules along with various conditions. To be precise, it calculates the rates based on various factors like shipment destination, subtotal ranges, the weight of the entire package, etc.

There few other additional features that come along with this plugin. Features like offer free shipping based on the order value, set up progressive shipping cost based on the Cart weight or price or even both, are to name a few.

As you’d expect, this kind of conditional shipping solution is a top pick for any WooCommerce store. And it should definitely help you lay down your business case on the cart page.

Price: $20

View Weight Based Shipping Plugin


5. WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Plugin with Tracking

Indeed a good news for the WooCommerce users in the United Kingdom. For over 500 years, Royal Mail has been helping out people with the deliveries, and now it also comes in form of a plugin.

The Royal Mail plugin calculates the shipping rates based on destination, the weight of the parcel, type of shipping item, applicable taxes, etc, and displays it on the Cart/Checkout page.

WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping

The shipping rate is accurately calculated and yes, you can always adjust them based on current requirement. Good thing that it has three separate packing methods that along with all the shipping services offered by Royal Mail. So you won’t have trouble implementing your business case anymore.

In addition to that, the plugin comes integrated with Parcelforce, meaning, you’ll have an extended reach and will eventually deliver items to farther places.

Shipment/order tracking is another big feature that comes along with this plugin – a complete package you’d say. You’ll also like how every individual feature works together in sync and help you ship places where Royal Mail operates.

Price: $59

View WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Plugin


6. WooCommerce Shipping Tool from Veeqo

The plugin is as interesting as its name. So when you pull the curtain down, you’d find this plugin to be that best at handling large sets of shipments. Which does, however, narrows down its functionalities and capabilities to stores that deal with bigger orders – suits well for bigger businesses that deal with bulk orders. Nothing can go wrong by using Amazon FBA to fulfill your orders and yes, the plugin offers this feature.

WooCommerce Shipping Tool

Unlike any other hard-to-use plugins out there, this one’s a breeze. It’s capable of printing hundreds of labels in a matter of seconds while interacting with the nine world-leading couriers at the same time. What’s great is that you can see the shipping rates for all the couriers right there on a single window. It feels like using a SAAS based shipping solution – one central platform.

Along with these exceptional built-in features, the plugin also has the feature to track the shipments. Something that’s a must in every shipping plugin. And of course, both you and your customers can easily track the shipments.

View WooCommerce Shipping Tool Plugin


7. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

Another plugin that many WooCommerce users like is the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping. With this plugin, you can offer shipping rates based on various conditions. This control over the shipping conditions will give you the flexibility that you were looking for. The plugin has a beautiful interface that is really easy to use and users love it.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

So now coming down to the specifics, the plugin will allow you to set the shipping based on the weight of the items, volume of the items, the shipping country, and the shipping state. On top of that, the plugin offers multiple shipping methods which are another big reason why people like it.

It’s definitely a treat for WooCommerce users who seek or want to introduce variations in their shipping methods.

This plugin also has an extension that allows users to add extra shipping conditions. This is a good way to prevent other shipping methods from another shipping plugin to show up on the Cart page.

Price: $50

View WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Plugin


8. WooCommerce Pickup Locations(Local Pickup)

You have to agree, local pickups work well for businesses. It’s a shipping method that favors customer ease but only if you have multiple pickup locations.

With this plugin, your customers can select the desired, or the nearest, pickup location from the list on the Cart page. You can define the address for each location, set the pickup cost if necessary, and also choose to show it on the Google Maps – a very convenient approach.

WooCommerce Pickup Locations

The WooCommerce Pickup Locations also offers the choice to either place the pickup option on the Cart or Checkout or on both pages. It lets you set the minimum and maximum time per order as well. So once an order is placed, the selected pickup location will appear on the admin side under the order section. And thereafter, you can take the necessary steps to fulfill that order.

Other cool features include things like adding pickup price based on the minimum order cost, having the search within radius map for the nearest location, uploading multiple pickup location submission using the CSV upload, and many more.

Price: $23

View WooCommerce Pickup Locations Plugin


9. Aliexpress Dropship for WooCommerce

Aliexpress Dropship can really be the one plugin that you’ll ever need. They are popular for their variety of products and the robust delivery system.

With this plugin, you can easily import the products from AliExpress directly to your WooCommerce store. And just like their order management system, you can also have product variations, multiple product sizes, multiple colors, and many more. The plugin gives you the liberty to edit the products by changing the name, adding images, updating the description, etc.

Aliexpress Dropship for WooCommerce

The plugin allows you to add the shipping methods directly to your website. This is a fine way of managing deliveries independently as AliExpress will be the one responsible for fulfilling the order.

And talking about independence from work, the product inventories will also be automatically updated and will reflect on your website as well. With this WooCommerce solution, you get the order tracking facility that will keep your customers updated at all times.

There’s even more to offer. You get the Pricing automation feature that lets you create prices for each product. You can also manage your product reviews, import product only with the fastest delivery method, and the list goes on.

Price: $40

View Aliexpress Dropship for WooCommerce Plugin



10. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

The final plugin that makes it to the list is the Shipment Tracking Pro. This is a real time-saver when it comes to fulfilling WooCommerce orders. It helps you share that tracking information with your customer once the order is marked as completed. This tracking information is sent along with the order completion email.

Customers can also find the live tracking details right on the My Account page. The plugin also has 85+ pre-defined shipping couriers to choose from and you can obviously add more to the list.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

But the feature list doesn’t end there. Assume that you have a lot of orders, say 100, and you need to add the tracking details to them.

You can upload the tracking details for those 100 orders via FTP or CSV file upload and it does that in seconds. The order status is constantly updated in real-time directly from the shipping company’s API.

Another useful feature is the custom tracking message – lets you send personalized texts to your customers. You can share the shipped date, tracking ID with the link, and the shipping service name along with this message.

Price: $69

View WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro Plugin


Final Words

In this article, we have discussed 10 best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce of 2018. As I already mentioned, the inbuilt shipping options in Woocommerce isn’t powerful enough and you wouldn’t get all the features that you need for your WooCommerce site. In this case, a WooCommerce Shipping plugin is very helpful and required if you want to maximize your sales.

Although shipping can be a come up as an issue for some users. Using some really good WooCommerce shipping plugins to tackle them can really get your business going. And pointing out the obvious, you will save up a lot of time and focus on other important tasks instead.

This is something that every business owners should be looking for. What WooCommerce shipping plugin is your favorite, do let us know in the comment section.


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Hi. Great List!

Too exists Woocommerce Shipping with Delivery Areas allows calculate shipping price using delivery areas drawn in Google Maps.



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