5 Best SEMrush Alternatives in 2021 (Free & Paid)

SEMrush Alternatives

Looking for a cheaper alternative to SEMrush? Keep reading.

There is no wonder SEMrush is one of the best all-in-one tool suites.

They have over 50+ tools and add-ons that help marketers in services like SEO, SMM, PPC, keyword research, content marketing, and lots more.

But, SEMrush comes with a premium price tag, costs $119 - $449 per month.

That’s why it would be better to look for a SEMrush alternative that is cheaper and offers such great features at the same time.

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the top 5 free and paid SEMrush similar tools, highlighting their key features, prices, usability, and discuss how they compare to SEMrush.

5 Best SEMrush Alternatives (Free and Paid)

Serpstat is the best alternative to SEMrush.

Serpstat Homepage

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform. They have more than 30+ tools for SEO and PPC marketers, bloggers, marketing experts, and big digital agencies.

Big brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Uber, Philips, Loreal, Shopify, etc. have been using the Serpstat tool to grow their businesses.

Some of the key features of Serpstat include:

  • Keyword research tool - to find high research volume keywords
  • Rank tracking tool - to monitor your website ranking worldwide
  • Competitor analysis tool - Find your competitors’ SEO strategy
  • Analysis of contextual advertising - PPC research tool
  • Backlink analysis tool - for analyzing any website’s backlinks
  • Site audit tool - find and fix technical, on-site issues
  • SERP crawling - Scan the top of all SERPs in Google

The UX is very beginner-friendly and similar to SEMrush. So, if you used the SEMrush tool before, you know which tool does what.

To perform keyword research, enter a keyword and it will provide you with many important SEO metrics, such as total search volume, competition, CPC, keyword difficulty, related keywords, keywords trend, SERP results, and lots more.

Serpstat keyword research tool

What I found interesting is that the keyword search volume data is pretty similar to SEMrush.

But, Serpstat doesn’t show the global search volume for the analyzed keyword as SEMrush does. 

The backlink analysis is another great tool. Using this tool, you can check any website’s backlinks as well as your competitors’.

Plus, you can see a total number of backlinks pointing to a website, referring IP addresses, do-follow and no-follow backlinks, top anchor texts, top-performing pages by links, etc.

Sertstat backlink analysis tool

They recently added a new feature “Malicious sites” which lets you check if your backlink profile contains any malicious links.

One of my favorite tools of Serpstat is Competitor Analysis. 

It allows you to check your competitor’s site in SEO and PPC to discover estimated search traffic, including organic keywords, paid keywords, visibility trend, top pages, the total number of backlinks, and lots more.

Serpstat Competitor analysis

Not to mention, this will help you to Identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Once you have the data, you can strategically outrank them.

Next comes Serpstat’s powerful Site Audit tool. 

It analyzes your website to identify all types of technical issues such as missing headings, 404 pages, slow loading pages, meta tags issues, etc.

Serpstat's Site Audit Tool

Even better, Serpstat organizes all the SEO-related issues by priority - high, medium, and low. So, you can see which issues are vital and need to be fixed immediately. 


Why choose Serpstat over SEMrush?

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers more than 30 different SEO and PPC tools. 

Feature-wise Serpstat is pretty close to SEMrush, and they are adding more tools soon. 

The UX is impressive too.

They also have an impressive volume of data, with a total of 230 Google, including 9 Yandex databases across the world.

Serpstat even offers more data than SEMrush. Here’s a comparison table below.




Price starts at

$55/ mo

$99/ mo

Searches per day






Pages to audit



API access

Keywords to track






Serpstat Pricing:

Serpstat is 2X cheaper than SEMrush.

Serpstat offers 4 different plans - Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

Serpstat pricing

The Lite plan starts at $69 per month, but if you choose the annual plan, the price goes down to $55 per month. This plan includes 15,000 keywords tracking, supports 10 projects, 4000 searches per day, and many more. 

Serpstat trial - Serpstat offers a 7 days free trial.

2. SE Ranking

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to SEMrush, you should check out SE Ranking. 

SE Ranking Homepage

Like SEMrush and Serpstat, SE Ranking offers a wide range of SEO tools, including B2B and social media management. 

SE Ranking was created in helping agencies, entrepreneurs, SMBS, and large-sized enterprises.

Some of the key features of SE Ranking include:

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Website audit
  • On-page checker
  • Backlink analysis
  • Social media management
  • Competitive research
  • Lead generator
  • White label
  • And lots more.

When performing keyword research, SE Ranking provides many valuable metrics such as keyword difficulty, search volume, keyword ideas, related keywords, organic SERP results, low search volume keywords, etc.

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool

And the UI is clean and beginner-friendly too.

Personally, I like SE Ranking’s UX more than SEMrush.

SE Ranking’s backlink checker tool is excellent too. It shows many useful metrics such as domain trust, page trust, referring domains, anchor texts, do-follow and no-follow links, and lots more.

SE Ranking backlink checker tool

Like SEMrush, SE Ranking also offers a powerful competitive research tool that helps you to discover your competitors’ top organic keywords, total monthly traffic, domain trust, paid traffic, organic competitors, and many more.

SE Ranking's Competive Research Tool

One of my favorite tools in SE Ranking is the On-Page SEO checker.

It allows you to check how a particular page is optimized for SEO for specific search queries.

Additionally, you can get a detailed overview of what types of errors are present on the page and how to fix them.

SE Ranking's On Page SEO Checker

After analyzing a particular page, it gives an overall SEO score. Some of the analyzed parameters are domain age, page title, header tags, page speed, popularity on social media, keyword total, etc.

Why choose SE Ranking over SEMrush?

SEMrush is a feature-rich tool, and at the same time, it’s pretty expensive too.

Features like marketing plan, page changes monitoring, subaccounts, social media management, historical data, etc., are not included in the basic Pro plan.

That means you need to choose SEMrush’s Guru or Business plan to get all the features, which costs between $191 -  $375 per month.

Fortunately, you get those features with each of SE Ranking’s plans. So there’s no need to pay that massive amount of money.

Besides, SE Ranking’s plans are flexible too.

For example, you can select how many keywords you want to track, from 250 to 20,000. Plus, you can choose ranking check frequency - daily, once per 3 days, or weekly. 

Another best feature of SE Ranking is that it allows you to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts. So, if you are running an agency or have clients, you can give access to specific data and projects. 

Now, let’s take a look at the key differences between SE Ranking and SEMrush. 

I am comparing both tools’ basic plans.


SE Ranking


Price starts at

$25/ mo

$99/ mo




Keywords to track

250 x 5





Marketing Plan

On-Page SEO Check

150 pages

500 keywords




SE Ranking’s Pricing:

SE Ranking is 4X times cheaper than SEMrush.

SE Ranking’s optimum plan starts at just $31 per month. But, if you choose the annual plan, you will get a flat 20% discount, and the price will be $25 per month.

SE Ranking Pricing

In my opinion, SE Ranking is an excellent alternative to SEMrush.

They offer plenty of SEO tools, and most importantly, a way cheaper. 

Besides, SE Ranking’s UX is better than SEMrush and allows unlimited sub-account on all plans. 

So, if your budget is low and wants an SEO tool like SEMrush, SE Ranking would be a great option.

SE Ranking Trial - SE Ranking offers a 14 days free trial.

3. SpyFu

On this list, we have another SEMrush similar tool - SpyFu.

SpyFu Homepage

SpyFu is not as feature-rich as SEMrush, but it covers all the essential areas in SEO and PPC.

So, if you are like me, who just uses SEO tools, then SpyFu would be a great choice.

Some of the key features of SpyFu are:

  • SEO competitor analysis
  • SEO and PPC keyword research tool
  • SERP checker
  • Domain analysis
  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword rank checker
  • Backlink checker
  • And lots more.

Let’s start with the SEO Competitor Analysis tool.

By entering a domain will provide you tons of SEO metrics such as monthly SEO clicks, organic keywords, paid search, domain age, top keywords, top pages, and lots more.

SpyFu's SEO Domain Analysis Tool

Plus, you can see 12+ years of organic ranking as well as Google Ads history. 

SpyFu’s keyword research tool is great too. By entering a domain, it will show similar keywords, questions, keyword difficulty, paid clicks, SERP results, current Google Ads, inbound links, and many more.

SpyFu's Keyword Research Tool

Like SEO competitor analysis, this tool also shows the 12+ years organic ranking history for certain keywords.

Currently, SpyFu has two Google databases - US and UK. 

Next, there is a backlink research tool. 

To be honest, their backlink checker tool isn’t that great and doesn’t offer as many functions as SEMrush or any other tools on this list. 

SpyFu backlink checker

It only shows the total number of backlinks pointing to a website, backlink types, domain strength, etc.

But it doesn’t let you filter if the links are do-follow or no-follow, anchor texts, referring domains, etc.

What I like is their backlink outreach tool. It helps you to build high-quality backlinks faster with just a few clicks. 

Why choose SpyFu over SEMrush?

The reason that makes SpyFu stand out from other SEO tools - is its unlimited data.

Generally, when you subscribe to an SEO tool such as SEMrush or Serpstat, you get access to a minimal number of data. But at SpyFu, you get unlimited. 

SpyFu's unlimited data

For example, you get unlimited domain search results, unlimited keyword search results, unlimited backlink searches, unlimited domain comparison, unlimited exports for all reports, and lots more.

Plus, you will get unlimited access to 12+ years of historical keyword data. 

Now, let’s take a look at the key differences between SpyFu and SEMrush. 




Price starts at

$33/ mo

$99/ mo

Domain & keyword analysis per day



Tracked keywords



Historical data


Keywords per export



SpyFu Pricing:

SpyFu is 3X cheaper than SEMrush.

SpyFu currently offers 3 different plans - basic, professional, and team.

SpyFu Pricing

The basic plan costs $39/ month. But if you subscribe to the annual plan, the price straight goes down to $33/ month.

Plus, you will get unlimited access to all the data.

4. Mangools

Suppose you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or run an SEO agency that just wants a compact SEO tool for regular SEO tasks such as keyword research, backlink analysis, site auditing, etc. In that case, Mangools is the ideal tool for you.

Mangools Homepage

Mangools is a bundle of 5 simple but powerful SEO tools:

  • KWFinder - for researching keywords
  • LinkMiner - to find competitor’s backlinks
  • SERPWatcher - a keyword rank tracking tool
  • SERPChecker - a Google SERP analysis tool
  • SiteProfiler - an SEO analysis tool

The tools are not integrated but completely different. So, if you want to perform keyword research, you need to open the KWFinder tool. 

Here, you can do keyword research by entering a keyword or a domain.

KWFinder keyword research tool

The UI is pretty impressive, and you will get a set of helpful SEO metrics such as similar keywords, question keywords, CPC, keyword difficulty, etc. 

You can also perform keyword research by selecting a country and language.

There is also a keyword filter that you can use to gather further research.

On the right, you can see the top 10 SERP results that also highlight domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), Facebook shares, the total number of backlinks, etc.

Mangools SERP overview tool

Now, if you want to check the backlinks of a domain, simply open the LinkMiner tool on the top left corner. 

Enter a domain, and it will show some standard metrics such as citation flow, trust flow, active backlinks, referring IPs, etc.

Mangools backlink checker tool

You can also see which links are do-follow, no-follow, active, or deleted using the drop-down filter.

Another exciting feature of the LinkMiner tool is that it shows where the link is placed. Just click on any of the backlinks, and it will preview the website, including the backlink’s location.

Then there’s a SiteProfiler tool that allows you to analyze a website and get all the essential SEO metrics such as domain authority, page authority, backlinks, top pages, Alexa rank, competitors, and lots more. 

SiteProfiler Tool

Though, my favorite feature is “Competitors." It helps to find potential competitors or similar websites, and therefore, you can analyze their websites. 

Why choose Mangools over SEMrush?

As mentioned before, Mangools is not a feature-rich SEO tool like SEMrush. But the tools it offers are very accurate and robust too. 

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or run an SEO agency that just wants a compact SEO tool without breaking the bank, Mangools can be an ideal solution for you.  

Mangools Pricing: 

Mangools is 3X cheaper than SEMrush.

Mangools offers 3 different plans - basic, premium, and agency.

Mangools Pricing

The basic plan starts at $49 per month, but choosing the annual plan reduces the price to $29 per month, allowing 100 keyword lookups, 20 site lookups, 200 keyword tracking, etc.

Mangools Trial: Mangools offers a 10 days free trial.

5. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an all-in-one SEO software covering every aspect of SEO — keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking, On-page SEO, website audit, Competition Analysis, etc.

SEO PowerSuite

Unlike other SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite is a desktop-based software that comes with 5 different tools:

  • Rank Tracker - for keyword research & rank monitoring
  • Website Auditor - for on-page optimization
  • SEO Spyglass - for backlink research & auditing
  • Link-Assistant - for link building & management

To use the tools, you need to download the software on your Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.

Let’s start with the Rank Tracker tool. 

The rank tracking tool provides tons of useful information such as rank tracking, keyword map, keyword planner, related questions, keyword gap, competitor research, domain strength, and lots more.

Rank Tracker Keywords

In total, the Rank Tracker tool contains a total of 18 different tools. 

However, to perform keyword research effectively, you need to integrate your Google AdWords account.

The following tool is Website Auditor.

Using the Website Auditor, you can be able to audit your website and see pages that have errors, visualization, content analysis, etc.

WebSite Auditor

One of the best features of this tool is Content Auditor.

It helps to create SEO-optimized articles, new or existing, so that your article ranks higher on Google.

Link Assistant is another great tool too.

Link Assistant tool

Link Assistant is basically a link builder tool. Using this tool, you can find hundreds of thousands link building prospects, including contact info.

Last but not least, there’s an SEO SpyGlass tool that helps to check backlinks of your site or competitors’.

Also, you will get tons of essential metrics such as total backlinks, linking domains, referral traffic, anchor texts, and lots more.

You can also view which links are do-follow, no-follow, text links, image links, etc.

Link Assistant backlink profile

The best feature of this tool is Penalty Risk. It shows which links are harmful to your website, and therefore, you can disavow them.

Why choose SEO PowerSuite over SEMrush?

SEO PowerSuite is not as feature-rich as SEMrush, but it offers all the essential SEO tools. 

Using this tool, you can efficiently perform keyword research, audit your website, research backlinks, build backlinks, etc. 

And most importantly, there’s everything unlimited.

Here’s a complete feature list you can check.

SEO PowerSuite Features

SEO PowerSuite Pricing:

Now, comes the most crucial part: pricing.

If I compare the pricing with SEMrush, then SEO PowerSuite is 4X times cheaper

SEO PowerSuite offers 3 different plans - Free, Professional, and Enterprise.

SEO PowerSuite Pricing

The free version has minimal functions, and you can’t save your projects.

The paid plans offer everything unlimited. You can check the full features here.

SEO PowerSuite Trial: SEO PowerSuite is free to use. Plus, there’s a 7-day free trial.


SEMrush is a great all-in-one SEO tool suite for marketers. It’s packed with loads of features and, it’s pretty expensive too.

But don’t worry! There are several tools available that offer similar features like SEMrush and, most importantly, much affordable.

In this post, we reviewed the top 5 SEMrush competitors that you should consider trying out.

Now, I want to know from you which tools that are similar to SEMrush are you using? Do let us know in the comment below.

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