How to Automate Your Email Marketing with SendPulse

When you decided to do email marketing, the most important issues to think over depend on the size of your business and aims you’re eager to pursue. Basing on these factors, you look for a service. Today, there’s a plenty of really cool email services that will make the work with them pleasant and lucrative. Perhaps, the most obvious variant to divide them into is the following: for beginners and for experienced users.

The most popular services are MailChimp, SendPulse, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, SendGrid, Mad Mimi, etc. Still, not all of them can suit both beginners and experts. It’s so important to find all-in-one service, cause it takes much time, efforts and money, as well. In this review, I’ll advise you a service that is perfect for any business and this is SendPulse.

I’ve chosen SendPulse as an experienced user, I want to develop my business, improve relationships with the clients and automate it as much as possible. When I started working with them, I realized that they are a perfect solution for beginners as well. So, I’ll try to persuade you based on these 2 perspectives.

Why is SendPulse perfect for the beginners?

Beginners usually need:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

When starting to work with a service, beginners do not need advanced features. Intuitive interface helps to find out more about the basic features of the service and not to get lost in all the options.

SendPulse has a user-friendly interface, everything is on the surface. There’s no need to look through tens of pages to find the necessary feature/article. Just take a look.


Below is the interface of the Member’s Area.

SendPulse User Dashboard


  • Free plan or a free trial

Not all the services offer a free plan or at least a free trial but it’s extremely important because beginners don’t know what they are supposed to pay for. Free trial helps to discover the advantages of the service and a free plan will make a user upgrade the tariff to a paid one in the future. SendPulse offers a free plan that perfectly fits small businesses.

SendPulse Free Plan

This is so generous since all the most popular services have stricter limits.

Below is the free plan of MailChimp:

MailChimp Sign Up Free

Most of the services offer 14, 30 or 60 days of free trial like Constant Contact, SendGrid, AWeber, Active Campaign.

  • Ready-made email templates

It can seem not so important in comparison with the prices but if you’ve ever tried to create your own template from scratch, you realize how much time and efforts it takes. SendPulse offers 115 nice and modern templates.

SendPulse Free Email Templates


  • Support

Support is the best friend in the service for the beginners. Some services offer email, chat, phone support only, or even support for users who are on the paid plan only. SendPulse has free chat, email, phone support 24/7.

Why is SendPulse perfect for experienced users?

Experienced users need advanced features that will help their business grow, that’s why they’re ready to pay.

SendPulse allows to enjoy lots of advanced features that help not only to maximize email open rates, CTRs but influence a sender’s reputation, avoid blacklisting, reduce emails marked as spam, advanced and precise statistics and analytics. BUT the most important and useful feature is Automation 360.

Why is Automation 360 so useful?

When your business gets bigger and more successful, it becomes more difficult to control it and to keep pace. That’s why marketers look for automation. Automation allows to save time, efforts, money and establish relationships with the audience.

Automation 360 is a new feature in SendPulse that makes it possible to send right emails at the right time as they claim.

SendPluse Email Automation

Automation 360 implies triggered emails that depend on the actions performed by the customers. You can automate sending emails for a long time for any event that you wish.

For example, send a welcome email after a user subscribed. Then, send an email with a special offer or discount to encourage. Or, if your subscriber is passive, send a reactivation email to win their attention back or give a chance to unsubscribe. Thus, all your subscribers will be nurtured and a mailing list will be “clean”.

Take a look at the interface of Automation 360.

Here you can create up to 50 blocks that include elements from the left.

SendPulse New Automation

How to create an automation flow?

Automation 360 allows combining several communication channels: emails, web push notification, SMS for better performance and results.

Since email is the most widely used channel, let’s start from it.


Emails in the automation flow are triggered by events. You can create any event that you wish. It can be abandoned shopping cart, purchase, registration, custom event, etc. All of them are predetermined by your subscribers’ actions, so it will make your campaigns individual.

Firstly, you choose the event, for example, adding a subscriber to your mailing list. Then drag the element “email” to the working field and configure the necessary options like time, subject, template, additional files.

Web Push Notifications

Web push is a great chance to deliver the message to subscribers, who haven’t opened your emails. The only thing – they should give you a permission to send them push notifications. To send web push, set the time, create a title, text and add a link.


Send SMS to inform subscribers on their orders. You need to have the phone numbers. The rest is the same: time, SMS sender, text.


This element will make your campaigns much more personalized and relevant with the help of variables. You can send different emails to men and women, subscribers from different cities etc. Just choose the variable and condition.


Condition allows to respond to a subscriber’s action. For example, you want to send a reactivation campaign. In the 1st email, you write to your subscribers that you miss them and offer 10 top-rated goods. If they don’t follow the link, in the next email you can send them a discount. If they follow it, you may move them to a specific URL that is beneficial for you.


Action element will help you to keep your mailing lists clean and well-segmented. After you’ve done a reactivation campaign, and your subscribers ignore the emails, you can delete them. Or, you can segment your clients according to the place of living, moving them to the corresponding mailing lists, etc.


This element allows you to track the accomplishment of your goals. If it was a purchase and it was reached, a user receives a thanks emails. You can stop series for a subscriber if the goal is triggered.

Goal allows to track conversions. You can track them at any stage, just add the goal. This will help you optimize your email marketing.

With the help of Automation 360, you’ll be able to monitor the path of your recipients in the flow, track their activity and responses – this is vital for email marketing.

Automation 360 is available on paid pricing plans, but it’s worth money. Try it right now!


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