Best Push Notification Plugin For WordPress Website (Free)

Do you own a website? Are you tired of getting low traffic in your website? Then you have one easy way to gain traffic. It’s called Browser Push Notification Plugin.There are a lot of Push notification plugin out there. Some are Paid and some are free. Check out our Expert Picked Top 5 Plugins.

push notification plugin


1. PushEngage :

PushEngage is Best Push notification plugin for Beginners,as you don’t need any coding skill. It supports Google chrome, Firefox and Safari browser. And good thing is you don’t need any android app to get push message in phone. Reach your when users when they are not on your website. Increase repeat users to your site using browser push notifications. These are delivered to user real-time, in the browser.


            Free                                     Pro                             Buisness                              Enterprise

  • 2500 Subscribers               10,000 Subs                  Unlimited Subs                   Unlimited Subs
  • Desktop Notifications        Yes                                   Yes                                         Yes
  • Mobile Notifications          Yes                                    Yes                                         Yes
  • Chrome Support                 Chrome Support            REST API                             REST API    
  • PushEngage Branding       No                                     No                                          No          
  • Welcome Notification        Yes                                    Yes                                         Yes
  • Free Service                     $29/M                          $49/M                                Contact them

2. LetReach Push Notification Plugin :

LetReach is a powerful Web Push Notification Plugin.It helps you to Re-Engage your visitors and users with push notifications. It includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and can be used in android. You don’t need coding skills, LetReach is a tool that can be used by anyone without the knowledge of any technical know-hows. It also supports both HTTP and HTTPS Websites. So no matter if you have HTTP website. But If you are thinking for free,then you can get total 2,000 subscribers. Once you cross your 2,000 subscribers mark with LetReach Free account, you will have to upgrade to a premium plan of your choice to continue sending notifications to your subscribers. See and choose your plans…


        Free                                                                                                  Premium   

  • Unlimited Notifications                                                     Unlimited Notifications
  • Mobile Website Notifications                                           Mobile Website Notifications
  • No Adaptive Scheduling                                                     Adaptive Scheduling
  • LetReach Branding                                                              No LetReach Branding
  • Multiple Domains                                                                Multiple Domains
  • 2,000 Subscriber                                                                  (5K-50K) Subscriber
  • Free                                                                                     $39-$239/M

And many more features… Check to check its pricing and more details.

 3. Pushwoosh :

Pushwoosh is realtime based web notification plugin. Here includes 21 platforms(iOS,Android,Blackberry,Windows,Chrome,many more…. So you don’t need to worry about  platforms. But you need some setup knowledge to set it up, but too easy. You can check statistics of your service.


            Free                                                             Developer                                     Enterprise

  • Unlimited Pushes                                            Yes                                                       Yes
  • No Remote API                                                Remote API                                        Remote API
  • No Custom Data                                              Custom Data                                       Custom Data
  • Device Push 500,000                                     500,500                                               On Demand
  • No Autopushes                                                No Autopushes                                  Autopushes    
  • 2 Applications                                                  2 Applications                                   On Demand

For more info visit                                                                         

4. OneSignal :

OneSignal  is a complete push notification solution for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by over 30,000 developers and marketers including some of the largest brands and websites in the world. It is Completely 100% Free for lifetime. But you have to setup yourself.You can check real Time Analytics,A/B  testing,scheduled Notifications and many more. All completely free. No fees or limitations.


No limit and completely free plugin. Check to Signup Free now.

5.Pushpad :

Pushpad is another great push notification service.You don’t need to install anything or any plugin.The zero setup solution to create a channel to send push notifications to your users. You don’t even need technical skills. When you create a new project you get a link.And you can also send custom push from your pages or posts.

If you have low traffic, then you can choose free plan,like- 10,000 notifications/mo for free forever . But if you want 20,000 notifications/mo ,then it will be $5/mo. And 30,000 notification/mo for $10. and so on…Check to choose your willing package.

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