How to Easily Change WordPress Database Table Prefix

During WordPress installation, it asks you if you want to change your database table prefix “wp_” to something. We usually skip this thing, so WordPress automatically creates a database with its default table prefix “wp_”.  Many WordPress users often ask how to change WordPress database table prefix. They believe by changing the default table prefix in WordPress will improve their site security. According to WordFence, […]

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How to Easily Change WordPress Admin Username

Installing WordPress is a very easy process and it takes only a few minutes to set up. However, in that quick process, we usually use “admin” as a default admin username for our WordPress site. Once we ready our site, we hardly change our password or the default WordPress admin username. But, it becomes a […]

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10+ Best Marketing Themes for WordPress for 2018

Marketing is a fundamental and crucial part of any business, big or small. With everyone going online now, methods of marketing are taking a shift from the traditional, and getting a more digital approach. Knowing how, when, and where to market your website is, of course, a given. But did you know that WordPress also […]

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