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How to Easily Leverage Browser Caching on WordPress

If you ever did a site speed test on Google PageSpeed Tools, GTmetrix or Pingdom, then you must notice that line “Leverage browser caching of static assets” or ” Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources”.    What is Leverage Browser Caching? Everytime a Browser loads a web page, it has to download the […]

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How to Add Google Analytics on WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Every website owner’s dream is to become more popular, get huge traffic, gain more sales etc. Isn’t it, right? You probably wondering how to get those stuff. The main key is knowing your audience’s behavior, their interests, goals etc. For example, you run a coffee shop. So if you know what kind of coffee your customers […]

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How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found in WordPress

What is “Error 404 Page Not Found” If you have a website, then you might face that kind of error “Error 404, Page Not Found” or not. But “Error 404” is a common issue for daily internet users or website owners. So you don’t need to panic about this. Mainly those “Page Not Found” are called dead […]

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