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How to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS and has millions of users over the internet. It comes very easy to create a website and doesn’t require any coding skills. But having a website is not the end. You have to maintain your site as well. By default, WordPress allows users to change “username” and “password” many times […]

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How to Create XML Sitemap Using Sitemap Generator Tool

A Sitemap is a file that contains all of your website pages, attachments, posts etc. It informs Google and other Major Search Engines that the available URLs of your pages are ready to crawl. This way GoogleBot ar BingBot crawl your entire site. Sitemap can be stored as either HTML or XML format. But most of the Search Engines recommend […]

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What is CDN and Why You Need it for Your WordPress Blog

What is CDN? Content Network Delivery(CDN) is a system of distributed servers that delivers web pages, images, JavaScript etc. It caches your website content and delivers to the viewers from their nearest Region. When a visitor views your website, he instantly got redirected to the main web host’s server(i recommend siteground) and then he can see your […]

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