Build a website within 5 minute using wordpress

Build a website within 5 minute


Are you going to build your own website? And are you lack of money? No problem,publish your website within 5 minute at minimum cost,even free.Follow the steps below.For building your website, you first need a Registered domain name(.com, .org . info) whatever you want. But .com, .net, .info its all paid , so you have to pay for registration. But .TK, .ml its free domain and you can use it. And second, you need website hosting. Check the best website hosting for beginners. Or get it free here.

Get your free domain name :

Go to ,and register there.And after that login .Click on Domains and then Register a new domain.

build a website

2ndThen you will see a search box like this picture. And type your desired name and Check availability(mean is it already registered or not).Then select any domain name like .Tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq . and click on Get it now. After this you will redirect to the new page and you will get an option to choose



3rdAnd choose free for 12 months.


Now minimize this page or open new tab in browser.

Now type and register simple way. Activate your account.After that go to your dashboard.


4thClick on host new account.Choose the free one.

In this section, you have to do it very carefully. If you do mistake something,website wouldn’t work. SO first Check the Domain type and input mine is or whatever you selected before. And give a password and continue.

And next section you have to provide a reason for using their service as free. Suppose “I want to host my website”.

There you go. You will redirect to main control panel or check your email for more details.

6thGo to Account > Details. You can see a list of details. And check the name servers at the top.

Choose first two name server,i.e- and

Now go back to your Freenom control panel> name server & and input and



Now go back to your Dashboard. Go to Website> auto installer. And choose WordPress. And simply install.


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