5 Best High Paying YouTube Adsense Alternative 2016

Monetizing YouTube video using Adsense is always good and easy process. As YouTube Google’s product so its easy to integrate with adsense. This way you can earn extra money with YouTube. But some users get ban unexpectedly with no reason or their account got disabled. So this is kinda nightmare for users who used to earn money. It can be users fault, I mean a few of users do some misuse with their account or some don’t. Not all users do the same, most of users are legal as they already read adsense’s Privcy policy, Terms of Use and other agreements. But if anyhow if your account is banned or disabled, you can try other YouTube Adsense Alternative. 

MustCheck, 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for bloggers 2016

As you know if your account is banned or disabled,  no possibility of appeal removal from AdSense. So, don’t waste your time and see other YouTube Adsense Alternative 2016.


5 Best High Paying YouTube Adsense Alternative 2016


Youtube Adsense Alternative

FilmSection is the Fastest growing network on YouTube right now, and with good reason. If you are a video creator, dedicated enthusiast, or just someone looking to be involved, FilmSection has a place for you. It offers Partnerships for those looking to take the extra steps on their YouTube career. There is a easy process to monetize your video using FilmSection and its completely free. So you need to Sign Up and they will link channels to YouTube monetization program just in one click, so the channel owner can experience all the benefits of YouTube Premium Partner status instantly. Joining the partnership program allows you to generate revenue through your YouTube videos that you produce.

But before applying you need minimum requirements to be considered for partnership: Those are 1) 100+ Daily video views, 2) No Channel Strikes (‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Copyright’) it is same as Adsense, 3) No Copyright Material. YouTube and FilmSection both check if there any copyright material. 

Now lets about the main thing what you are waiting to hear. That is money. When you are partnered with FilmSection you will earn more money than you do with just AdSense mainly. Because they have their own global Advertising Sales Department, which boosts your earning. As you know YouTube Adsense gives you only 55% revenue, which is kinda low for beginners. But in FilmSection you will get 80% revenue, and thats really awesome. Their minimum payout is $1 up and they don’t hold your payment as other networks do. After reaching more than $1 of your payment, you will receive that amount through PayPal,Wire Transfer or Western Union


Youtube Adsense Alternative

Adrev is an administration service trusted by the world’s top music libraries, publishers, production companies and composers. If you are looking for YouTube adsense alternative, then it is also great choice for you. By default AdRev gives you access to a large database of free music to use in the background of your videos. 

The network has over 18 million videos , 24+ billion annual views and 6+ million music copyrights. AdRev has an estimated annual revenue of $9.0M and over 12 business professionals have voted on AdRev’s revenue. So if you are thinking to join their network you need around 300 daily views to qualify, three times more than FilmSection. AdRev pays through Paypal with a minimum payment of $10, or by check with a higher minimum payment. You make 80% of the ad revenue off of YouTube videos and you will keep 100% of your own Video Revenue.

Maker Studios

Youtube Adsense Alternative

Maker Studios is one of the larger networks available on YouTube. It is the only network founded by YouTube talent with a model specifically designed to serve content creators’ needs. With 60,000 independent creator partners from more than 100 countries, Maker Studios is home to top digital stars, channels, and content. In here your job is making awesome videos. The VMS(Video Management System) provides a single place for artists to upload, schedule and promote videos on YouTube and other video destinations. 

As such, the network has some of the highest CPM ads in the business. They provides  60 percent revenue, and the most popular channels are upgraded to as much as a 90 percent. So its a great option for YouTube adsense alternative.


Youtube Adsense Alternative

Big Frame is the only full service talent management and influencer marketing company of its kind. BigFrame focuses not on providing a monetization platform with some passive technology, but on offering resources and networking opportunities to help channels grow. It advises in all aspects of media and entertainment from content licensing, film, TV, touring, book publishing and consumer products to endorsements and content integrations with the visionary brands that partner with them.

But becoming a BigFrame partner is not easy. You need growing and higher end channel, which is obvious. So there is not a single chance to become  a partner if you channel is not popular. Second requirement is that you need at least 4,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and monthly 1,000 views/ video. So if you have total 50 videos in your collection, then you need total 50×1000= 50,000 views per month.


Youtube Adsense Alternative

FullScreen is another great network for monetizing youtube videos with premium ads, it offers large number of tools for video customization and promotion along with the 3.5 lacks of royalty free audio libray to use in your videos. A division of Fullscreen Media, the service features a robust slate of programming that includes scripted and unscripted originals, acquisitions as well as exclusive content from today’s top creators and social influencers.

Earning money from FullScreen is kinda different, i mean ad-free. Yes, you heard right. Earn money with out showing ads. Let me Explain this. First of all this is not free network, you have to pay $4.99 per month(First Month Free). And those video will be shown on “YouTube Red” which is a premium service, which costs $2 per 1000 views. YouTube will share YouTube Red income with creators just as it currently shares AdSense income. YouTube will total up all the income it sees from YouTube Red and divide that among creators based on each creator’s share of total minutes watched by YouTube Red users.

But getting many views is not worth, you basically need good views time. If you reached the $50 threshold, you will receive your payment around the 30th of the following month through PayPal.

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Barkha Rao

Great article. You really have shared helpful information through this post. I was never ever thought of any alternative could have exist for Google Adsense for Youtube. No doubt, YouTube is a great platform for making money and helps to showcase the talent across the globe and most of the people publish their actions by capturing their video content, and hence YouTube has become the new source of income instead of Adsense. But as you said, Google Adsense for YouTube is not the only money making platform. There are other alternatives are available in the market along with their different… Read more »

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