Website hosting for beginners

Best website hosting for beginners

Nowadays there are a lot of website out there, because its not hard anymore to make website.If you are thinking to make your own website, then You must need a Registered domain name, a website hosting and your prefered  CMS  and thats all. But,problem solved? Not yet. As a beginner you should choose a good website hosting company,cheap,good service and paid or free.

If you are lack of money,then you can choose free web hosting. But its hard to find good one.See Free hosting Details.

Here are the TOP 3 web hosting for you :

3. SSDIndia :


website hostingSSDIndia is the cheapest hosting service in India.Linux Silver plans start from Rs. 588($ 9)/year. Linux Gold plans start from Rs. 1188($ 18)/year.Their customer customer support also good and they reply to any tickets within 15-30 min. You can get also phone call support.Check out its hosting features.


     Linux-Silver                                                                      Linux-Gold

  • 500 MB Disk Space                                             1 GB Disk Space
  • 2 GB Bandwidth/Mo.                                          4 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
  • 1 Domain Allowed                                               2 Domain Allowed
  • 2MySQL Databases                                            10 MySQL Databases
  • 5 Mailboxes                                                           25 Mailboxes
  • cPanel Control Panel                                         cPanel Control Panel
  • Remote MySQL Access                                      Remote MySQL Access
  • Price Rs.588($ 9)/Year                                       Price Rs. 1188($ 18)/Year 

2.B4u Web hosting :


website hostingB4u is a good web hosting company from India, and it has over 40+ Data centers Globally and 3 Data centers in India.It has linux hosting,windows hosting,Reseller hosting,VPS and many more. But if you are in minimum budget then Linux-Basic or Linux-Basic+ will be good for you. They are good because of their support quality. You can see other hosting support takes minimum 12-24 hour to reply, but in B4u you can  get their reply with in 10-20 minute. They are providing you also cool features for you plan.

Linux-Basic                                                                       Linux-Basic+

  • 500 MB Disk Space                                             2 GB Disk Space
  • 3 GB Bandwidth/Mo.                                         20 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
  • 1 Domain Allowed                                               1 Domain Allowed
  • 1 MySQL Databases                                            Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 3 Mailboxes                                                           Unlimited Mailboxes
  • 3 Sub Domain, 1 FTP accounts                        Unlimited Sub Domain & FTP accounts
  • Free CDN                                                               Free CDN
  • cPanel Control Panel                                         cPanel Control Panel
  • Remote MySQL Access                                      Remote MySQL Access
  • Price Rs.800($ 12.3)/Year                                 Price Rs. 1300($ 21.7)/Year 

Offer: Get 15% off for ordering any linux hosting service 


1.Godaddy :


website hostingGodaddy is the best web hosting company.It provides you the best performance and support.It has already millions of customer in world. If you want to host your first website , you can order Starter pack or Economy Pack.Both allowed single website. That’s not end.You can boost your website by purchasing SEO pack.Plan charts here


      Starter                                                                         Economy

  • 30 MB disk space                                               100 disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth                                        Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1GB database storage                                        1 GB database storage
  • 1 Domain allowed                                               1 Domain allowed
  • 1 MySQL Databases                                            Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 10 email addresses                                             100 email addresses
  • Site backup & restore (paid option)             Site backup & restore             
  • Not applicable                                                      Free domain with annual plan
  • 24/7 Security monitoring                                 24/7 Security monitoring
  • DDoS protection Enable                                   DDoS protection Enable


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